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Rain stops play, well painting! lol


So after helping Mum with her fridge freezer I came hone & decided to crack on with painting the fence as it was giving me the hump. Weather looked good and no rain forecasted as they’d changed it early morning!
Scraped all the dead little ivy shoots off which seam to take ages and got to last panel and came across a spiders web that had hatched. There was hundreds of the little bleeders.
Tried to move the web they was all in but soon as my scraper touched the web they scattered everywhere. Mum was nowhere to be seen so wasn’t sure what to do as didn’t want to kill them.

Couldn’t get a real close up as camera struggled to focus on something so small. Were talking pin head size.

Anyway after a couple of minutes they’d all huddled back together so thought I try to move the web again but soon as I touched it, woooosh they was off. So waited couple of more minutes and had a ciggie pondering on what to do. No good they’ve got to go as there stopping me working. Got the Raid fly spray out and covered it. They wasn’t best pleased and all of a sudden I saw a pair of big dangly legs coming from behind the support on the next panel…it was Mum. I thought i’m in trouble here and i’m perched between all the flowers and had the bird station behind be with water tray full and i’m not keen on spiders.
Well did Mum come and see her little ones and attack the nasty man who had killed them? Did she eck…..she scarpered in the other direction. Coward! lol
So she got splattered by my scraper as didn’t want her dropping on my head at any time! lol
So scrapped the web full of dead spiders and chucked it in the composter and carried on preparing the last panel on the fence.

All finished and ready for the paint

So I get my bucket of ronseal fencelife out and then realise where am i going to put the bucket. Going to be perched between the flowers so can’t keep stepping back & fourth from the grass so got my ladders out and positioned them between more flowers. Sorted so lets get cracking.
1st section was so awkward but went ok then 2nd panel went better as wasn’t as cramped.
Thought i’d treat myself to a smoke and look at what its coming along like from a distance.
Law and behold i’d not took a 2nd drag of my ciggie and the heavens opened.
Washing was out so had to get that in as she was having a lie down and get Mia’s toys in.

As far as i’ve got until the rain decided to show its face

The green folage really does stand out against the dark fence and think the staghorn & bleeding hearts will look nice against it aswell. In fact, all my shrubs & plants! lol

Well the time its taken to write this blog the sun has come beaming back out so back to work I go. Will I get it finished today? Only mother nature can answer that. lol
I know 1 thing though, won’t be no flowers being planted today! :-(

Well mother nature has me beat today on this project, finally managed to finish 1 panel, yes, 1 PANEL! lol. Started to lose light and the gnats are just making an appearance so time to call it a day (or night).

1 panel done and looking so much better already. Had to dig up 2 shrubs and a few plants as it was so awkward getting in there. Was getting cramp so decided i’d make some more room. Needed to probably move a few to make way for new plants waiting to be planted.

Well there’s always tomorrow I guess! lol

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no and if you keep stopping for a cig the painting won't get done today either, nice blog though

6 Jun, 2010


True. lol.

6 Jun, 2010


Wow Steve what an exciting time you had. I did have a laugh when you said you saw the big dangly legs and it was mum, i thought for a moment you meant your mum. strangely we were moving our fridge freezer yesterday, to get the BBQ out of the shed

6 Jun, 2010


lol steve i hate spiders but i would just have flicked the babes onto the ground, they would have survived, and fancy killing mum to you murderer you lol
hope you get it finished and does look better already painted up ;o))

6 Jun, 2010


I wouldn't call it exciting TL. There are other things i'd prefer to do like go shopping with the wife!! Ok ok i'm fibbing there! lol

Sandra, she had to go or i'd be panacking on where she was going to drop on me. lol.

Not sure if it will get done as more rain has just come being at wimbledon! lol

6 Jun, 2010


Its looking better already Steve, I thought the fence might of been damaged from the Ivy but it looks great, Its Amazing how the plants look against the dark brown, Its My favourite colour fence paint, when your finished stick some pics up, im looking forward to seeing how it all turns out..

6 Jun, 2010


lol im exactly the same but a little better since being into gardening more,

6 Jun, 2010


Thx Dee. It would look a whole lot better if mother nature would stop intervening. Gina just cooked me a nice roast lamb whilst we had that downpour & it stopped raining just as we sat down to eat it. typical.
So finished my dinner a bit lively, let it go down, quick ciggie then start again. Well I didn't even get to finish my cig, it teemed it down AGAIN. Now whilst i'm on here its stopped again & the sun has come out.
Begining to think him upstairs doesn't want this fence painted! lol.

Agree with it looking better already and can't wait to see all the plants & shrubs against the dark fence. The mystery plant is standing out already and think the staghorn will look great aswell.

Pics will be up when its all finished. Could be a while! lol

6 Jun, 2010


That sounds 'quite' frustrating Steve! We had a spiders nest like that on our conservatory. Scott touched it and the whole lot ran - just like yours. Shame but sometimes you have to be cruel as they make it so hard to do the kind thing! Hope the big Daddy spider doesn't come and get you in your sleep tonight Steve......eeek....eeek....eeek!! ;))))

6 Jun, 2010


Praps 'him upstairs' is telling you to give up the cigs!! ;)

6 Jun, 2010


Your soooo not funny Karen!!
If he was telling me to give 'em up then he'd let me get the fence finished coz everytime I stop, I light 1 up! lol

6 Jun, 2010


Doing a great job Steve and the Staghorn does look fab against that dark fence, but do you find that it suckers everywhere should like to know as I wouldn`t mind one as I think they have such an interesting shape. Bad boy smoking amongst your plants there supposed to make your garden smell nice.

6 Jun, 2010


Trust me, i was nowhere near my plants, was well undercover! lol.
It is a bit sticky stroller but I wouldn't get one if I had a choice. The roots spring up everywhere. lol

6 Jun, 2010


I dont like spiders either, but if they leave me alone then i leave them alone.

6 Jun, 2010


Not funny? Me?.....;)

6 Jun, 2010


Great blog Steve. Had the same problem yesterday with the weather but did manage to plant a few Impatiens and Lobelia that were left over from my Daughter. when the weather kept me indoors decided to log on GoY but then couldn't get connection so I was a bit peeved as you can imagine. Meant I had to carry on with housework. lol. As for spiders. they're sacred in our house since my eldest daughter was small., and she's still the same. I only like the ones that are not too odd looking? lol.ha ha.

7 Jun, 2010

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