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Back Fence all painted


Hey guys, not been on for ages due to being busy at home, work, world cup & oh and the garden! lol
Well it took a while but finally got the back fence all painted apart from fence behind shed. Not in view really so will do that during the week or weekend!!

Really makes the green folage stand out but not happy with the way it is to the left of the staghorn. Just looks a little flat. Right of the staghorn looks nice and busy though

So with this in mind I went out a brought a Blue Moon hybrid rose bush to fill it out a little. It looks a little better but still not over the moon with it(pardon the pun)

I’ve decided to leave the back section alone now and just enjoy as it was giving me the hump. Hopefully it’ll fill out over the next month or 2 and look better than it does now.

The side has really filled out especially as I added another Rose bush to it.

The Evelyn Fison (aka Irish Wonder) fills behind the lupin just great.

Close up of 1 of the opening buds

Decided to move the fox gloves as it was growing way past the hanging basket on the side. Bees just love these plants and seams to be there 1st choice in the garden

My annuals are really started to flower well now with petunias, hanging basket & snapdragons all coming along just great.

The lupin Gallery blue has now gone into its gorgeous colour of blue, one of my fav’s

Had a little bit of tweeking over the weekend and have now decided that this is how it will stay till the end of summer at least! After that, well who knows what I will do to it! lol

Just sit back and watch it bloom and fill out. Hopefully 75% of my seeds will flower as well

Will add some more pics in my photo’s tomorrow of the new Perennial’s i’ve planted and more close ups of the 4 rose bushes i’ve brought. Seams the adding photos on here is playing up and taking ages and getting alittle tired.

Thanks for reading my blog and nice to get back on here after 3-4 days off! Miss you guys

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All looks really good Steve :-))

13 Jun, 2010


your garden looks gorgeous xx thank you for sharing xx

13 Jun, 2010


im green with envy,its so nice and your plants are doing so well,ive just bought the blue lupin and its nice to see what it will look like,love the roses too,the staghorn is that the tree as i havnt a clue,i thought it was a fern

14 Jun, 2010


It looks flourishing :o) It can only get better as things fill out during the summer. All very colourful and your hard work has paid off.
Glad your back with us lol

14 Jun, 2010


aw your garden looks nice and fresh ,clean and well kept,love all the plants and colour.

14 Jun, 2010


its looking great steve and remember rome wasnt built in a day you know lol, if you had instant then you would have nothing to look forward to would you, so be patient and enjoy your garden, it will look so different 12 months down the line believe me, mine did, youve done loads since starting, look at your first pics before and as it is now and you will be amazed, ;o)) "FOOTBALL" whats that lol

14 Jun, 2010


It's all looking great Steve! You can sit back and relax now and watch the footie...:o)

14 Jun, 2010


Thanks for all your kind comments guys.
I'm really happy with it apart from the back section at the moment.
It'll get changed next year thats for sure as a little pond will be going in.
Lupin is 1 of my fav's in the garden at the moment ladybug and the colour is so pure. The camera doesn't do it justice i'm afraid.
It's def a staghorn as it has the red horns, you can't really see them from the leaves blocking them. Also have new horns coming through on every branch.
It's very colourful Hywel and tried to put a lot of red white & blue down the side on reflection of the world cup! lol
Sandra, are you one of these football haters?? lol
I do often look at my pics on how it was and now but still not happy with the back section! lol. You'd be the same if you wasn't happy with something in your garden! lol
At this moment in time Dylan, i'm more interested in my garden then the world cup as not been great so far. Sure it'll change! lol

14 Jun, 2010


lol me steve,, football,,, love it,, cant get enough,,, hahah NOT,,
and yeas i get irritated with something thats going wrong in garden but once its looking good i feel silly cause i knew it would work out in the end lol
but believe me your doing a grand job lad ;o)))

14 Jun, 2010


lol, I bet you can't wait for this world cup to finish. Gutted as soringwatch wasn't on HD tonight as football was. The difference was immense.
Yes hopefully it will work out and really tempted to move shed this year but think i'm going to hold back until next year with it.
Thanks for the compliment

14 Jun, 2010


i dont notice its football really as baz doesnt bother with it either, and im always in garden or on here steve,
think your right about the shed, make it a winter project then it gives you something to do and wont interfere with spring and summer gardening ;o))

14 Jun, 2010


Garden looks fab Steve. The plants will be up and away in no time. Love the colour on the wood. I'm not really a woody person as such, but I do love the richer, darker colours. As for 'Football', is that the thingy, thats taken over my telly at the mo? lol

14 Jun, 2010


Steve it looks very good, hope you are enjoying the footy, I watched the England match in the pub after cricket (we started 11/2 hours early to enable us to see it)
enjoyed the banter and the drunk as skunk cricketers, what a laugh, the whole pub was in stitches, fortunately they are the merry kind of drinkers, not the thug kind, we had a brilliant night. Back to gardening, we are very wet at the moment here, no need for watering for at least a month. Hope you continue to enjoy your planting and watching, COME ON ENGLAND lol :O))))))

15 Jun, 2010


Yes I think I will Sandra. When I do i'm possibly going to move the mystery plant over to the left when shed is moved and have the pond in far right corner. Had 2 clematis's die on me in that corner now and not sure why. Might not be getting enough sun or the snails/slugs are killing it. Who knows!!
Linda, I'm afraid thats what the world cup does, count yourself lucky it isn't every year! lol
Thats the spirit Olive, nice to see a football lover on here. Sorry that you've got the rain with you, the plants will love it though!!

15 Jun, 2010


has the mistery plant flowered yet steve,, glad your having a pond to, look forward to that ;o)

16 Jun, 2010


No, still not even a bud on it! :-((. Thought it would've at least shown a bud by now!!

16 Jun, 2010


umm strange, one of the plants iv been thinking of the flowers come right up the stems between the leaves with no stems , which normally flower about july but cant think of name, its a bit of a wild plant, so keep checking up the stalks,

16 Jun, 2010


Will do hun!

16 Jun, 2010

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