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Well this Bee-fly has been hovering in our garden all week and thought it was strange behaviour for a Bee. Never known a Bee to just hover in the exact same place, then dart to see of any flies that came in the garden and then return to same place to hover. Wasn’t bothered with honey & bumble bees that came in the garden or the presence of us, just the flies.
Trying to get a picture was a nightmare as it was so small, soon as you zoomed in the camera really struggled to focus. Soon as you got close it would dart off so that wasn’t an option either.

So I positioned myself so that it was in picture against the white wall of the paddling pool and got a picture that was the best i’d got.

Then just as I was about to come in to upload the pic, it done what it hadn’t done all week….Landed on the chair cushion. So zoomed in quickly and snapped the little bugger!!

So now went in to upload and see how it came out and done a bit of googling on what it could be. We thought it might be a male worker bee or a male bumble bee called something that i’ve forgot(lol) and then saw a picture of this Bee-fly. Read all about it and it was doing the exact same things. Just immates a Bee but has no sting and doesn’t even have a sound but there harmless if just annoying! lol

Spent the best part of a hour trying to get pics and getting info that i’d run out of time to do another hanging basket. Well there’s always tomorrow.

Oh by the way……..COME ON ENGLAND

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Could do with a few of these in my backyard Steve. Seem to have millions of flies this year!

24 Jun, 2010


Got him in the end then steve! Good close up...he's quite a little poser!
Is there any point in being a fly that imitates a bee? Must have his uses I guess!
The tv's on ... Japan are thrashing Denmark ... & the sounds down ... just how I like it! I've had nothing but football text jokes all week! :o)

24 Jun, 2010


We've not got many flies DD oddly enough! lol
Yes he is a poser Fluff and must be a reason they imitate a bee but don't know myself as yet. Will google it tomorrow.
Yes cracking game and couldn't see Denmark scoring apart from pen and then it took 2nd attempt which he nearly missed! lol
Looking forward to Germany on Sunday but a little nervous along with the rest of the country! lol

24 Jun, 2010


Did you see Spain tonight tho'? Even I cheered for their goals! Proper football played like it used to be!

25 Jun, 2010


Oh yes. Glad Chile went through aswell and can't wait for there game against Brasil. Gonna be a classic me thinks!!

25 Jun, 2010


Oooer ... watching THE game on Sunday ... all over I'm afraid! ;o((

Wayne who??

27 Jun, 2010


iv seen the fluffy bee flies which are cute little things, dont think they sting steve so your safe there, good shot though, now get the plants in lol ;o))

4 Aug, 2010


This ain't the blog i'm on about! lol. Haven't started the hornet 1 yet! lol

4 Aug, 2010


oh lol sorry steve hahaha, not well today so have to forgive the dumbness ;o))

4 Aug, 2010


I'll forgive ya then. Just been trying to capture a hornet but the thunder storm has sent 'em packing for now...typical when you want a pic!!

4 Aug, 2010


lol steve, so windy here and very stormy looking to, plants getting a beating again ;o(( off to rest now, so catch you later ;o)

4 Aug, 2010


Yes we had a brief tunder storm and lot of wind but didn't last for more than 10-15 mins. Now just a dull overcast evening.
Hope you feel better soon

4 Aug, 2010

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