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Hornets stops play!!


*So I’ve been seeing the odd hornet last week in the garden and didn’t think much of it. Then at the weekend I was getting rid of my dying annuals to make room for new perennials i’ve bought and heard what sounded like the a huge bumble bee. I looked up to the fuchsia hanging basket and to my horror there it was a Hornet not 2 inches from my face.
Run?? More like sprinted into the kitchen just waiting for a almighty stinging sensation to hit me. It didn’t thank god so had a ciggie at the door to calm myself down and see what it did next.
It then went over the fence and didn’t return whilst I was having my smoke!

So I carried on with uping the annuals and just finished with the last of the snapdragons when that noise deafened the garden again. It was back and before I could turn round to see it, WOOOOOOSH straight past my ear. My god and my heart was going 10 to the dozen.

Don’t think the wife understood why I was being like I was until she experienced it herself only the one she saw was in our bedroom whilst she was in there!! Bad times!!
So after opening the french doors and trying to nudge it from the top of the wardrobe with the broom it took the hint and left. Phewwww.

So left the gardening for the rest of saturday and carried on Sunday morning before Grand prix and then over to my Sis for BBQ.

Got up early Sunday and was all prepared for a positive day. Loads of new plants to get in and lost a lot of time on Saturday. Watered the new plants ready to plant and just starting to move a few plants around then that sound again!!
My heart sunk as new what was coming….WOOOOOOSH. Why do they have to go right past my head? lol. Looked up and not 1 but 2 sitting on the Hebe Great Orme.

Anyway to the door I flew and grabbed my camera to catch a pic. Time I got back, you guessed it….gone!! WOOOSH past my head again (sure they’ve got a bet on to see who gets the biggest scare on) and landed on the hebe flower. Stone me, there was 4 of ‘em on this cluster. Perfect for a camera shot. Zoomed in which I don’t think they liked and flew right at me!! OK so there camera shy, great.

Come indoors to find out more about them on internet and was quite amazed at them really. Apparantly there a gardeners best friend!! Guess they haven’t been told this as they don’t seam to like moi!!
Anyway, time ticked on and they was still out there at large and grand prix was starting soon so packed up.

Watched GP then over my sis for BBQ and got home about 9pm. Gina put Mia to bed and I went out to water the garden.

All was well as started watering plants at the front of the garden then the side borders and hanging baskets leaving the back section where hebe was till last. Don’t ask me why I done it this was as I usually go round clockwise but didn’t this night. Six sense maybe coz as I started watering the back section I could’ve sworn I heard that…..WOOOOOOSH. I couldn’t believe it, 9.30 and there still on the hebe unkown to me. Don’t they ever sleep? lol

Well just found out today that they don’t like water 1 bit, Oh really, I wouldn’t of guessed!! lol
How they didn’t sting me I don’t know.

So that was Sunday night which was the last time my plants had been watered unitl last night (Tuesday)
Went into my local to inquire about these hornets and anything I could do and the manager has the same problem with the same Hebe Great Orme bush. They don’t bother her but she advised they love this bush and if its affecting the rest of the garden or stopping you going out there then to get rid.

Because I’d trimmed it right back early spring it had been given a new lease of life with brand new stems and flowers which attracted the hornets even more. I didn’t buy it as it was already here so it hadn’t cost me anything and also got 2 cats who were trying to catch the hornets and a 4 year old to think about. Didn’t want them getting stung by the hornets!!

So last night I waited till 10pm to water the garden as it hadn’t been done since Sunday night. Inspected the hebe and couldn’t see 1 at all.
So got to it and left the back till last again just incase. Luckily I got it done without seeing or hearing one.

Made a decision today that the hebe has to go as I was being put off by gardening. The only problem was when to do it as they seam to be on it all day and evening.

Anyway got home from work and the heavens opened with thunder and lighting and high winds. It stopped after 15 minutes and there wasn’t any sign of them, wasps or bees. Looks like the storm had put them off from coming into my garden.

Out I went and down it came bit by bit as didn’t want to grab a big cluster of stems to find there was 1 on there. 1 hour later it was in the bag all chopped up and not a hornet had appeared whilst doing this. Bargain!!

Wasn’t going to dig the root up but sunk my spade to see how soft the earth was and it was very soft from the storm. 15 minutes later it was all out.

Lets just hope this is the last we see of the hornets otherwise I’ve just dug up a gorgeous bush for no reason!!
Next step now is to get new plants in this week!!

Hope I haven’t bored ya with this blog as it has been quite an experience for me.*

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I know you've written this in good humour Steve, and I can honestly say I'm actually giggling reading it lol!! Sorry, but it's hard to picture a bloke running away from a 'bug', that's normally the woman's response lol!! :o))
In all seriousness though, I'm glad you weren't stung :o) Or little Mia, that would've been awful. Shame about the hebe, but it had to be done though hey, anything to make the garden safer...I was going to say for Mia, but guess after reading this that includes you, too lol! :o))

5 Aug, 2010


I enjoyed your humor also. I admit I only giggled twice. After that I lost it I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I've had similar experiences, when the hair on my arm raised when he flew past your ear, that did it. ;0))))

6 Aug, 2010


A bug?? More than a bug girl. lol. Was sprinting like a gooden. Just don't like wasps and thought the Hornet was a bigger version but after reading about them they're more like the actions of a bee. But hey the garden is Hebe & hornet free now.

I'm glad you found it amusing SG. Was trying to make it funny rather than boring as it was so long winded.
Looking back it is quite funny for an outsider but wasn't for me! lol

7 Aug, 2010

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