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Hi Guys.

Moved into a new property in January and the garden was in need of a huge makeover.
We had 90% moss, 9% mud & 1% grass, weeds gallore and not a plant in sight. lol
I killed & removed moss, aeriated the mud, put new top soil and sloped it towards edges for better drainage. Then laid new turf which has taken better than I could've hoped for considering its a N/E facing garden. Also created a border with plants all down the side & back.

Repaired some of trees and shrub plants which are coming along nicely planted some bulbs which have started to come through.
Sheds all painted and 2 planters with trellis filled with clematis, bedding plants & passion flowers. Also have a 3 tier strawberry planter which has 2 rows of berrys & top tier of herbs ready for cooking with.

Feel really proud of what i've done and the garden looks so different to what it was. Our landlord couldn't believe his eyes when he saw it. He just stood there for 10 mins speechless and taking pics for his parents. That felt nice as they used to live here before previous tennant let the garden go.

I love gardening and looking at all your excellent pictures. I've learnt so much from you fabulous people on here in such a short space of time & still and probably always will be learning.

Anyway thats enough gabbling on so feel free to look at my pics on how the garden used to be and to date.

Happy gardening guys

Steve, Gina & Mia

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