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More than i bargained for


well, after having cut both lawns and the privet hedge too, bagged it up and taken it the recycling center, come back and was sitting down with the wife having a lovely coffee in the garden when she remarked that the neighbor had mentioned that our cotoneaster was peeking through her side of the fence.
We decided to finish our coffee and set about removing the pieces that stuck through between the lats and that would be that.
So Annie set off around next door to point out to me where the braches were sticking through, i duly looked into the shrub to cut it off only to find it was one of the main stems holding a massive piece of plant up, i metioned this to the wife who says, "well its going to have to go ".
After cutting through several main stems, our 6ft high x 18ft wide cotoneaster is now 3ft high x 7ft across, i will remember this next time i sell a plant to a customer reminding them to check this does not happen to them, lesson learned..

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Such a shame. ~ I am lucky my neighbour loves my plants overhanging the fence

11 Jun, 2009


did you see that lady in the paper who's neighbour had chopped down her Ceanothus trees? the neighbour had asked if he could 'prune' them back a bit as they were over hanging his fence, she said yes but when she got home he had taken them off and left the trunk and some very short stumpy branches!!! The police said there is nothing she can do as she gave him permission....they looked awful poor woman

11 Jun, 2009


its a shame people treat others in this way, but in this day and age i'm not suprised.

11 Jun, 2009


i dont think she was bothered about the twigs sticking through so much, it was the larger branches twisting the lats she feared for.

12 Jun, 2009


What a stupid neighbour you've got.! Anyone would think he'd be pleased to have lovely plants for free to look at.

12 Jun, 2009

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