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The Small Trellis project 2010


Ok so following on from shots of the Big trellis heres some through the season on the Small trellis ; )
This is perhaps a bit less interesting (as theres less on it!) but am rather pleased with the Stauntonia I bought specially for it. I like a good bit of leaf ; )
I had a couple of passion plants on it but didnt flower.
Its also by my old post office trolley and my collection of discounted randonness.
For next year I already have a small chinese creeper there and will re add passions and my rescued 50p clem pixie.
Theres also a tray left for a few bog plants so this area is a bit more shady and moist

Ok so the story starts in early April with not much going on

Later on in April things start to come alive. I had an idea to have a jasmin on there but it wasnt that interested.

So looking a round I found a climber I liked (mostly evergreen!) Stauntonia : )

And so towards the end of May everything was kicking of nicely. Had a couple of old clems left over and a couple of passions. Also behind them is a grape which was hit badly with vine weavil i think but pruned it and kep it on

And by early June here it is in a different light. And wow actually 4 clem ; ) Old discount dianthus going mental as well

And by the 11th June looking green

By the 20th June some lovely greens and the grape is coming back to life. Oh how did that 350 Enfield get in there!!

And without bike

A couple of weeks later on 8th july from the other direction

This was actually taken on 22nd July, as you can see probably at or near itrs best, tons going on

Closer up and a nice mix of leaves on the trellis

and again from the other way

Taken on the 25th July trying to capture the green

and the pots again on the 25th

Into the start of August and still there. Note how the wind and time had finally dont for the top of the propagator

and about a month later into the start of September the leaves on the Stauntonia have gone from dark to lime green

Closer mix of leaf

and so on the wain and into October

and here we are in November all looking a bit drab as we go into winter

So there you have it another trellis. Should be pretty easy for next year. I have the grape pot up on a shelf so I can have some shady bog plants under the trolly in a tray, also a nice home for the frogs. Giving me room for adding a couple of clems.

Enjoy folks

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You call it 'a collection of randomness' I call it a haven of interest and colour. It's just the perfect example of the quintessential cottage garden yard, full of interesting plants to enjoy and with colour for so long in the season. It's a credit to you.

13 Nov, 2010


Ditto Heron !

13 Nov, 2010


Thanks much folks

13 Nov, 2010


I agree with Heron - lots of interest, lots of color, lots of life.

14 Nov, 2010


It is nice how you have shown it throughout the seasons, and as every one else said lots of colour as well.

14 Nov, 2010


I also agree with Heron, lovely blog and photos loved the bike aswell.

14 Nov, 2010


all looks nice..... your pots look like my patio... : O ))

15 Nov, 2010


Wonderful make such good use of your little space..great :))))

22 Mar, 2012

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