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Hello folks
over last year I tried to keep part of my container garden as a shaded moist area to encourage frog. Saw a few and a toad and noticed a couple of younguns.
So had a bit of a clearout and to move/paint one of my trellises and was keen to see if there were any still there. and to revamp thier home.

As I started to tidy up and arrange stuff this little fella popped out so that was a good start

And here is the trellis area. The frogs hone is designed to be under the my old post office trolly

I then us these decking matts to keep my pots off the floor

As you can see when you put these down you can have a protected gap/run for the frogs so they can patrol for food

and here you can see they can come and go from under the trolly

Then a bit of wood and a tray to act as a pool. This will double for ferns but keeps this area nice and cool n damp. also they can live under it.

when tidying up I keep all the leaves and mulch which they love

and then put plenty around so they can walk under and over it, of course they love cover

bit in the front

and along the back

and heres the stars of the show, dont worry i kept them in a bucket with a bit of water and covered in leaves so they were relaxed. Just put them in here for a final photocall. They were all under one particular slab at the back, a couple got away so this is great news. No doubt most of these are from last year.

Ok guys time to go back…geronimoooo

come on lads straight off

hmmm ok which way?

over the back for us

one slow coach not particularly bothered

bit of water from the watering can, thanks Stevie

ok perhaps the back, hmm good camoflage

ok trellis done bit of arranging and shove the pots back for now and 10 or perhaps more happy frogs down there

Ok hope you enjoyed that folks

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Wow thats great stevie... what a lot of litle frogs you have.... great place for them as well, they obviously like it there... havnt seen my frog yet but loads of frogspawn up local pond...

7 Mar, 2011


Loved it Stevie, you are so lucky to have that many frogs.

7 Mar, 2011


Ho! well done steve, i've been try to bring frogs into the garden, moust get out and have a look, by moving things around, by the way nice pic's.

7 Mar, 2011


Just love those frogs. Jeff finds them too much unfortunately, he insists that they ambush him in the summer, even when I tell him what good they do.
Several currently in the pond "doing their bit" for this year!

7 Mar, 2011


Fabidozie frogs!!! They will love that tray!
Am devasted, think I lost all mine over the winter.
Great froggie blog!

7 Mar, 2011


Loved your frog tale, Steve...and your set-up there looks ideal. Frogs must approve too or they wouldn't hang about.

This was like reading a story...."Froggies' adventures"...:)

7 Mar, 2011


Yay! Great blog Stevie... how nice to see someone really thinking and actually working to help the wildlife in their patch! Do you have frog song? Over here, in very early spring, the wood frogs and the bog frogs...sing in the evenings...spring peepers! In memories of childhood, the frogs singing and the robins return from the south were the two joys of spring!

7 Mar, 2011


great blog! really enjoyed it thanks.

7 Mar, 2011


It's good to have a wildlife-friendly garden. Those decking things are great. I have never seen a frog here but I have a toad. It's nice you have so many frogs around.

8 Mar, 2011


Thanks folks

8 Mar, 2011


it's great having all the frogs around, isn't it, although around here people really start complaining when the tree frogs are keeps them up all night. I love it though & leave the windows open so I can hear them.

11 Mar, 2011


I love the blog i love frogs ,we had a toad in out back yard 2 years ago it must have come in on some fire wood but we havent seen him since. he allways knew when the flying ants were about, he would come out of his hiding place and sure enough the ants would appear

22 Mar, 2011


I'm with Lauram about tree frogs..I love their song, but always fealt it was a lullaby! Had a toad (toads?) in our pond at the other house and they had a very loud trilling mating call...didn't bother me in the least! only trouble with that was that the fish feasted on the toad's eggs. All that lovely song and the eggs got devoured by the goldfish! Sad. Do your frogs sing, Stevie?

27 Mar, 2011


Thanks folks, No Lori no song where are am although I think I can remember a toad croaking over by the pond once ut as a rule I dont think there is much noise if any from UK species (I might be wrong). I'll let you know if i hear anything

31 Mar, 2011


:-) okies!

1 Apr, 2011


They do croak during the mating "frenzy",and mine have been partying since the frogspawn delivery, with lots of chirruping still.

2 Apr, 2011


Yes! isn't spring til the spawning! rrrribbbittt!

3 Apr, 2011


thats a great blog about frogs, and you've photographed so many, im dead jealous, i get really excited when i catch one in my pond. When im driving down our lane they sometimes hop out in the middle of road and i always have to stop and rescue them and bring them home, its quite hard to drive when holding a frog!!! but i love em!!

11 Dec, 2011


That's brilliant stevie, I don't understand why I haven't got any frogs here.
Do I need a post office trolley?

11 Dec, 2011


Just Dawn - would you get arrested driving under the influence of a frog??

11 Dec, 2011


actually i think one could! can you imagine being pulled over for being froggy and disorderly!! lol

11 Dec, 2011



But officer, it was a frog in distress!

We took a baby frog home on the school bus once - caused great hilarity!!

11 Dec, 2011


No don't worry officer I wasn't using a mobile phone!!!
Thanx Dawn

Sticki, I there is a largish pond over the road from me so there are a few around. I As you can see from the blog a few tips to encourage them to stay. They like shady moist areas and they have shade and a wet tray and thats raised on a couple of bits of wood so they can sit under it and keep cool in summer. They can also patrol around the pots and I often see the smaller ones sitting out waiting for flies. This type of environment gives them alot of protection from cats etc.

When i do my tidy up in feb march i'll post again on this lot

11 Dec, 2011


That will be good, thank you. There are plenty of shady places here, but I hadn't made the raised shelter, I will have a go, no ponds nearby though.

11 Dec, 2011

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