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Daffys' Story


Last night I went up to see a good friend and have some tea. Driving back I caught a cat in my headlights and saw it was chasing something. I got out and shooed it away and there in the middle of the road was a small mallard chick. well I never, I’ll name her Daffy : )
With no sign of the family and no chance of spotting them I put Daffy on the passenger seat and she burried her head in my bag. I thought I would have to put her up for the night and see if i could find the family today.

And here she is safe in a box with some paper and towel, but chirping alot

A quick look on the net says shes needs abit of attention

A good bit of advice was to put a clock with a loud tick next to her as it sounds like mums heartbeat

and heres her bed for the night

and on the bed in the morning

She then escaped onto the floor and had a good run around ‘oi Stevie we going to find my family or what’?

Ok lets put you in this towel

and back in your box and lets go

A couple of ducks in the distance but no chicks

and no-one here hmmm

So off we treck over the fields to a wood near where I found her, there’s a small stream so maybe they will be around

I found her on the road near this derelict house, but ther is no water there!! so lets go back

This is Dakota ‘Whats in the box Stevie?’ no get off

And then I noticed another pond in the far corner of the next field

and what do you know, through a gap in the hedge. Bingo there they are ; )

Had to put the box down and squeeze through, with Daffy in hand

A short slip later and Daffy makes a jump for it and splash..thanks Stevie

Ok Daffy get going, they’ve gone round the corner

‘This way?’ yes thats it keep going

Off she goes, I’ll go round the other way to get the family to go back to her

lots of wildlife here


there you are Daffys back, ‘and just where have you been’?

and alls well again

I reckon thats earnt a cuppa

services to wildlife.I thank you ; )

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well done you! great blog ~ i never thought you would find them again.
i did wonder if it was the only one that survived!

22 Apr, 2011


What a great story, I was praying you would find Daffy's family, your my hero Stevie, and not so terrible lol. Great blog..

22 Apr, 2011


How kind hearted is that ! Well done Steve - I'm so glad you found her family.

22 Apr, 2011


Brilliant blog Steve..i salute you sir.. lol for going to all that trouble to get Daffy back home you deserved more than a cuppa,, you could become the first " duck hunter" i feel a new tv prog could be on next year.. so dont get rid of your duck bag lol. well done ..

22 Apr, 2011


Oh you big softie. What a heart of gold you have. They must have broken the mould when they made you. On behalf of Daffys mum and all of us mums and grans out here a great big THANK YOU. Great photography too.

22 Apr, 2011


Brilliant blog Steve, what a kind heart you have to go to so much trouble. You must be feeling so proud of yourself and quite rightly so. I'm so glad you managed to reunite Daffy with her family :o) A big pat on the back from me!

22 Apr, 2011


Fabulous, what a lovely man you are, god bless Steve you are not terrible at all!

22 Apr, 2011


what an adventure,how brill are you,great pics

23 Apr, 2011


This is such a brilliant story Stevietheterrible....or is that Steviespielberg ? ...You could have this published as a childrens book !....Blog on my hero !

23 Apr, 2011


Wonderful story! Well done you!

23 Apr, 2011


Best blog i have seen for a long time,Well done

23 Apr, 2011


I like stories with happy endings :o))

23 Apr, 2011


o wow! what a fantasitc story! really loved it a lot. Agree with Bjs - the best blog:)
wonderfull pictures - the one with the clock is my favourite, lol.
salute STT - and also agree with one more thing - you're not so terrible as you pretend to be, hehe..
BTW - now it will be easier to join you for a ride to Arboretum - so no need to wear a passionflower in your pocket, lol

23 Apr, 2011


Brilliant Blog StevieT!! What a great start to my day! So glad you found Daffys' family!
(and see ya soon!) Only 3 of us so far...........

23 Apr, 2011


Wow. What a lovely story. I am glad you found the family in the end. Not everyone would have gon through so much effort to rescue it, and try and locate the family.

Hats of to you Stevie.

23 Apr, 2011



23 Apr, 2011


What a wonderful blog & you put so much time and effort into getting Daffy back home. I really enjoyed this.

Several years ago my sister found a baby duckling who had fallen into a sewer. Mama duck and the rest of the babies were there with mama quacking frantically. They were able to get the duckling out of the sewer but there was no water any where nearby and they couldn't catch the mother duck. So, my sister and a couple of firemen gathered the babies up in a box and walked about half a mile to a stream. Mama flew nearby the whole time and followed them. Upon reaching the stream they put the babies in the water, mama joined them and all was well.

23 Apr, 2011


Well done, Stevie! A heart touching story that turned out well in the end though you kept us on tenterhooks the whole while!

23 Apr, 2011


Oh, how I read through this with baited breath! You kind hearted man, Stevie, the Mother Duck should be thanking you so very much for taking the trouble to look after one of her young and return it to her. Well done, sir! : o )

23 Apr, 2011


Perfect story Steve. And you are the man with my shape of heart.

24 Apr, 2011


You are one nice lovely chap Stevie , I'm so glad you found Daffy's family , it's a story to melt the heart :o))

25 Apr, 2011


Thanks folks, its was only a slightly disturbed sleep and about an hour of wandering about. I guess it was lucky to think of the last pond as they had to be somewhere.

Thanks for your comments and 'likes' not quite blog of the week but blog of that day maybe : )

26 Apr, 2011


As the day is the part of week, then it is the blog of the week, too. LOL.

27 Apr, 2011


Thanks Kata, I'll take blog of the day : ),

I am not entirely sure how blog of the week works. I think its the most number of likes and if the same then its whos got more comments!
come to think about it if alot of people have you as a fave then they get alerts when you put a new blog on and so the more faved you are the more will look n like, then if you are at the top of the list the more likely others will so its all a bit of a nonsense isnt it!

27 Apr, 2011


what a lovely blog.... so glad you were able to find the little duckling his family.... : O ))

27 Apr, 2011


excellent stuff from start to finish S the T. Great ramble with camera & alotta heart. Good Karma.

28 Apr, 2011


Stevie the protector with a kind heart. Well done for rescueing the little duckling and then taking the time and trouble to find it's family again. Well done. A GOY medal goes to you.

28 Apr, 2011


Thanks folks, yes Bamps I did have a moment after where i thought lots of karma points, lets just hope she survives.
oh lots of likes, i made it to page one of blogs this week ; )

28 Apr, 2011


Excellent blog :o)))
There's another like for you.... Lol.

28 Apr, 2011


Wonderful Stevie! I can just imagine the chat between Daffy and his mum . . . "you slept in a box?! you've been for a ride in a CAR?!" All his brothers and sisters must be so envious, lol. Terrific blog, and you more than deserve "blog of the day" . .

29 Apr, 2011


LOL..I've added my vote! Great blog, Stevie! reminds me of one of my son's favourite books as a child...It was called "Make Way for Ducklings" and it involved the trials of a mother duck trying to get her brood across a busy street!

1 May, 2011


So pleased you found her mum and brothers and sisters, did'nt think you would, thought you'd be having to play mum for it, well done ;)

7 May, 2011


Ahh Stevie that's was a bit of a tear jerker. What a lovely story with a happy ending. You have a heart of gold. Where do men like you hide?
So tender of you to go to so much trouble to get little Daffy back home. Love all the pics.

Yes, I agree that little duck with have some story to tell.

I agree it would make a lovely child's story you have the pics for it. Go on give it a go. We'll back you up.

To think little daffy could have been in duckling heaven by now, death by cat, how awful, had you not come along at the nick of time with your caring heart.

I hope you'll go back to check on them and bring your camera and perhaps give us an up date.

Yes, I'd say you deserve blog of the day/week/year!
Kind heart of the year too.

Thank you for sharing this story.
Take care

27 May, 2011


Well thank you angie. The pond where they were living had an island in the middle and is perfect for thier protection from foxes etc. However this year has been really dry so survival for them is quite a lottery this year and it will be difficult.

28 May, 2011


Well fingers crossed for the family then. Anyway if you happen to be about have camera in hand in case they thrive.

28 May, 2011


glad you stopped and helped not many would, hats off to you

7 Jul, 2011


I just read this blog again ~ it should have a 5 star rating on it!!
Thanks again for this fabulous blog Stevie!

19 Feb, 2012


Hi STT, what a great big softie you are!!! Thanks ST for letting me know about this blog. I ticked liked and have put it on my favourites STT. If you find any chickens I would like some!

27 May, 2012


Ah the blog still lives on one year later, another story coming up : )

28 May, 2012


It is nice to see that lovely blog still being alive Stevie:):):)
Where is Sticki???

28 May, 2012


Here kasy! I was in Suffolk yesterday!
Can't wait for the new blog!

But I love this one best (so far!)

28 May, 2012


oh, hello Sticki - missed you:-)
I love Duffy's story too:)

28 May, 2012


Daffy 2 in a cinema near you?

Thanks kasy, I missed you all too!

28 May, 2012


Ooooh is about Daffy? - Cant wait! Glad you got back safely ST.

28 May, 2012


not about daffy ~ its a new one poppy ~ have a look!! [i will give you a clue ~ its a bit like this one]

thanks poppy

28 May, 2012

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