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Over on the ponds - winter whats happening


Warning – Contains goose attack and cuddly horse.

Come and take a wonder with me over to the ponds and see what going on in this frosty spell

There she is, the polycave capped by snowy hills

Never seen this pond so big and starting to freeze over

winter light dappling through

a cold and wintery tunnel

with droplets of ice, stuck to the roof

sun over the pond, goosey patrols

with rainbow chards over goosey

the ice cometh

sheep lining up in a row. looks a bit like march of the penguins but with sheep!

The solitary tree shot in the winter sun

fairy ring?

and back now to this morning, yep all frozen up, caught in stillness

lets just check if someones broken a pool for ducky and goosey, yep they are happy

Just then twisted sister is aware of an intruder, grrr

you ain’t comin in my pond mister

what u lookin at? (said in the goose equivalent of cockney accent)

thats it your names not on the list!!! you’re leg is mine pal

look I dont want your pond get off!!!

shot of flag irises coming out of the ice, quite a nice shot considering (I still had a goose attached to my leg when taking it)

poly ice crystals

over the fence more ice

trapped in ice with frost, a visitor looks on

starts to head nearer

hmmm its stevie, i’ll check him out




you got a sugar lump for me mmm (stuffs face in pocket)


more frost on ice

the path back to the cave

bye lads

Saturday Update – Extra Goose factor———-

Some snow on saturday better go and check on the boys

You two ok?? yeah look we got some hay

yep us two!!

pond shot with snow on it. hmm yes shes there!! better see if they have a hole in the ice

Ggggrrrrrrr ‘told you yesterday’

hhuuurrr not again!!!!!!

now git aattt uv it…gggrrrr

another pic of the flag irises (yep shes attached to my leg again)

I’m no tracking expert but I think I know who’s tracks these are

none of the boys over the other pond

a winters polycave, roll on spring

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very nice shots story well told as always.Thanks

3 Feb, 2012


wow! these are beautiful pictures!
not sure which is my favourite! that goose is very scary!

ice crystals, fairy ring, lone tree all fabulous!

3 Feb, 2012


nice photos - love the geese :D The angel ring was great, cute pony . Nicely put together blog

3 Feb, 2012


the solitary tree gets my vote, especially with that back-drop. nice colours.

3 Feb, 2012


Love the snowy hills and lone tree shots. If that Goose had been a swan and it was your Arm and not your leg, you'd be in plaster Stevie...Lucky escape man!

3 Feb, 2012


thanks folks, a good way to use up a few pics knocking about ; )

Let me know which pic is your fave and i'll stick it on the photo page.
My fave has to be the frozen pond, the one after the fairy ring. the dappled light and the icy stillness of it draws me in.

Goosey is a sweety really, you can just gently push her back but she'll keep coming at your trouser leg if you're in her zone. Don't worry Pimper, if it had been a swan i wouldn't have gone anywhere near

3 Feb, 2012


Great pics Stevie! really nice blog.
I like the frozen pond one too beast and goosey trying to eat your foot! :))))

3 Feb, 2012


LOL, Stevie, I had such laughter...LOL. I liked the Goose Belmondo most of all. What happened to her "nose"? Poor bird, must be protecting her pond from all those obtrusive guys hitting her directly to face...
Sorry, LOL, but the photos and story is perfect :)

3 Feb, 2012


I like the poly chrystals and the rainbow chards pics but all are very good, no way would I have gotten close enough for the goose to grab my leg, lol, I would probably have fell in the pond in fright...

3 Feb, 2012


I love that tree all alone there with such a great view in its background, great blog Stevie, those crystals are beautiful.

3 Feb, 2012


how the heck did you hold the camera steady while your leg was being assaulted and you were presumably balancing on one foot???

(the cockney is: wha chew look nat? dunno what it is in Goose)

4 Feb, 2012


Strange, Fran, cockney sounds little bit like Slovak. Isn´t "chew look" something like "gaze"?

4 Feb, 2012


don't know much Slovak to be able to compare!

the end of "what" adn start of "you" make a sound like
" tch" as in "witch", and we have a habit of contacting words and putting breaks in where none should be - I could have said "look'n at" but we (or I, at least!) would start the last word with an "n"

4 Feb, 2012


Some great photos Stevie. I love that solitary tree. I hope you're all right after being attacked :O

4 Feb, 2012


lends a whole new meaning to the phrase "getting goosed"!

4 Feb, 2012


Im wondering if that is a snow goose today?

2" of snow here and its still snowing.

4 Feb, 2012


Same here and I have to take Mut out at 10pm..

4 Feb, 2012


put your snow boots on!!! or maybe skiis???

4 Feb, 2012


harness up the dog sled ...

4 Feb, 2012


got 3 or 4 inches here now!!! maybe the st bernard could come out??

4 Feb, 2012


Saturday Update – Extra Goose factor now on ; )

6 Feb, 2012


somehow i am reminded of Johnny Morris!??

love those goats!!!

6 Feb, 2012


she hasn't cooked her goose????

6 Feb, 2012


not sure but shes cooking my trouser leg every time!!!

6 Feb, 2012


i thought only dogs fell in love iwth blokes' trouser legs ...

6 Feb, 2012


Sorry Steve for simple question, but what is the name of those two creatures with horns?

7 Feb, 2012


got to be Julian and Sandy?? (there's one for you older listeners)

7 Feb, 2012


Those four are my neighbours pygmy goats Katarina. I think there are many types so not sure what specific type they are but they come under pygmy goats.

7 Feb, 2012


"Pygmy" evokes they are small, but they look quite big. I never saw them here. Are they kept for meat or for milk and cheese?

Fran, lol.

7 Feb, 2012


Returning to my most favourite blog this year. Just sipping my Sunday afternoon coffee and listening to radio when I heard information, that researchers in London University (I think t was LU) made research on communication among goats. And what was its conclusion? That goats use different "dialects" depending on from where they come from. Lol. Steve, maybe your goose´s cockney dialect is not utopia :)

19 Feb, 2012


I must have read this blog and seen these pictures at least half a dozen times and I always come back and enjoy them all over again.

You do good animal voices, Stevie, ever thought of taking over from Johnny Morris?

I don't know if I'm seeing it properly, but that goose does seem to have a very twisted bill. She must be able to manage with it, she's survived so far, but do you know if it was caused by an accient or was she hatched like it?

19 Feb, 2012


Hi Fran, the question in not on me, but I guess she was hatched like it. Otherwise she won´t survive. But will wait for Steve´s answer, too.

19 Feb, 2012


lol the more the merrier!

19 Feb, 2012


hello fran/kat, the goose belongs to one of my neighbours, I think they said it was a rescue goose but I am not sure where they got her so no exact information, only she likes to defend her pond : /

19 Feb, 2012


well, she seems to be thriving despite it - lol just now occurred to me, now *there's* a positive image of "disability"! and she's ready, willing and very able to defend "her" space - maybe even more so as it's her adopted space ... lol I think I like her, she's clearly a "sister who's doing it for herself"

20 Feb, 2012

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