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(no thats not taxi spelt wrong!!…Tavi)
Tavistock, Devon, where dreams are made…maybe, oh ok well its got a good market and walks ; )

The river

The Tavistock indoor market is rather nice and always has something interesting to look at

There are a couple of plant stalls inside, both are rather nice and each is run by a nice chap, happy to talk plants : )

well laid out


and heres the other as you come in

One walk I like to do is up on the viaduct and along the old railway. Walking up from the town up to the viaduct, I like this path with its plant walls

The (bricked up) secret garden

always something growing, something to look at

Oh London pride, i bought one of these from a stall outside the market for £1.50!!!

arrrggghhh a whole wall of it!!!! (£ signs in my eyes ; )

some more flower

the view from the viaduct, looking down, as i take in the view, I wonder if anyone in those houses is eating chutney!

YES in that very view..maybe ; ), flatmates crave and feat themselves over chutney held back from xmas from a chutney genius, they’re going crazy in Tavi

Along the viaduct walk (first photos are from last year)
loving that moss

But just a minute, a special message from the birds
(can you say thanks to bampy from all us robins here in devon : )


willow fence

a little stream flows along as you go under a couple of bridges

lots of fresh green

and more moss

a veritable crevasse of green

and stream, (ok small brook but doesn’t rhyme with green!!)

The veritable wall of moss

and a lovely stone hive, who made this?

and from this year, in a different light

over the brook

to the bridges

a couple of cyclists

ride into the distance

waterfall again

walking back down into town, fancy having this on your house

and heading out of town to nearby Princetown and Two bridges , bit of moss!

and the lovely stone bridge just by Two bridges

a bit closer, dont make them like this anymore

lovely clear water

and with a bit of lichen to finish

so from me, thats a bit on Tavi : )

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Pic No# 13 is Ivy leaved toadflax

The veritable wall of moss...Is an art insallation.! Fantastic

11 Apr, 2012


Thanks for a fine trip around "Tavi " Steve , really enjoyable . You should lend that blog to their Tourist Board , they would be mobbed .
Good to see that the chutney is holding out . Mine is improving with age , and my poor son-in- law , who gets a jar regularly says it's good !

11 Apr, 2012


Great blog Stevie. Love all those photos.

11 Apr, 2012


what a lovely walk, those bridges are just perfect.

i rather like that hive? its a bit like some that are on the outer hebrides ~ they were a bit bigger and i think hermits lived in them??

love the willow fence

no blog would be complete without the chutney ~ glad it made an appearance!!!

11 Apr, 2012


Great blog Tavi! You live in a beautiful part of the country. Our dogs would love those walks (as would we). Stunning photos

11 Apr, 2012


Really enjoyed the tour. Great pics.

11 Apr, 2012


That was interesting.

11 Apr, 2012


Don't quite believe it, is it true, the first comment is NOT Stickis lol ; )

Yep wouldn't mind a stone hive, hmm idea, wonder if you could make one out of pallet wood hmmm.

Francesy, dont live there but occasionally make a trip there due to the massive demand for my chutney ; )

Pimper, would quite like to see a 'celebrity' talent show, 'and now climb the wall of moss challenge'!

11 Apr, 2012


That clear water is beautiful :)

11 Apr, 2012


I love those bridges. I cross the River Severn everyday en route to work in Bridgnorth in Shropshire. Its so pretty.

11 Apr, 2012


I was cooking tea!!! and eating it at the same time as taking phone calls!!! its a bit busy here today!!!

a pallet hive?? be more like that game ~ 'Jenga'!!??

Do they have a WI in Tavi ~ have you given your talk there yet?

11 Apr, 2012


SO brilliant! Lovely walk Stevie :)
That hive looks like a Scottish cairn..I made a small one for a local country park who were doing some histroy on the area..was made out of limestone. WHy not make a pallet one and play Jenga as Sticki suggested! :)

12 Apr, 2012


that sounds lovely pixi, i reckon a hive made out of pebbles would look good ~ but how would they stick together??

i wish there was a lovely river like that near here

12 Apr, 2012


Cement! or PVA glue?

12 Apr, 2012


weather proof glue, yes you are right, they are really nice arent they

12 Apr, 2012


is the secret garden so secret that no one has ever been in?

13 Apr, 2012


cheers folks, cant fail to find some nice scenes down there.

yes so secret sticki its been bricked up, behind it maybe the 4 riders of the apoco.....

I had a dream last night where I made a jenga tower out of pallets and sat up there ; )

14 Apr, 2012


and will they be let out this year?

i hope no one pulled the tower down!!! could you see the whole of the apocalypse from the top of the tower??

14 Apr, 2012


...and on that top of pallet tower you were rubbing nose with Ginger and other Goyers, lol...

15 Apr, 2012


thanks for the wonderful view, Stevie:-)))

27 Apr, 2012


welcome Junna

27 Apr, 2012

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