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When Harry met Sally, (with added ginger nuts)


Whats that song by Crowded house?? ah yes
sing along now…..‘Three blogs in one day’’ tra la la…; )

Ok folks, on fire here, just firing blogs at yer..

Hey whos this, lazing in the sun?

ah, I though you would be out by this time

ahhhh streeettcchh..suppose this guy wants some pics for the GoYers..ahh fame

yes its me, Gingermog(nuts ; ), you wanted more shots of me so here I am…meow


fect…sittin pretty

do you like my box folks??, ok Stevie see you later, go n take some pics of your plants ok, gonna have a nap now..busy day!

Ok heres the Ville de Lyon clem, with flower buds ready

ah my other cherry tree just starting to bloom.
Ok now what the….my god here I am just takin a pic and actually signalling to myself that i am happy with the shot ‘in the shot’; what kid of person does this?? Its like I am ignoring you, have shut the whole world out in my own little fantasy land….the last man on earth (with trellis) ok need to lay down

and heres the trolly rockery today, with a few bits n bobs added since last time you saw it, WITH the £1.50 London pride succulent after seeing a WALL of the damm things!!!!! (oh the stress)

a cheery scene

front perking up with the arch clems rising

anyone see a rather nice white flower? (ok will look at the label tomoz)

and broom bursting into life

from the other way : ) ok lets go over to the polycave

Just moving my trays, hey who are you two??

I’ll call them Harry n Sally, my new resident frogs of the polycave. have seen these two jumping around between my pots when i water them.

quick hes moved the tray..lets go this way, no this way

hes looking at us, you know that guy that sometimes comes in, quick the other way


I’m going

well I’ll just stare him out, judging by that cardigan hes harmless!!

well if you’re gonna just stare at him, I’ll stare at you ; 0
where is he now?…I can’t see him!

ah my thingywhatsit is starting to bloom, better put it out soon, Harry likes it too

oh and another one, thier cousin Rita!

So still have a few things to go out

and some seeds coming, (ignore the kiwi leaves they got frosted but it’ll be ok, plenty of buds)

ummmmm just get upp here..ahh yes

wanna see some lovely blossom on the pond, course you do

looks nice dont it

I have decided to have passion flower at both ends, didnt have room on the trellis for another white lightning

So 3 passion flowers in

other end got a little frosted a while ago so trimmed it a bit but new shoots a plenty so with touch the top again soon

Ok I’ll leave you there.. thats it for now…can still see you : 0

yes you

Ok well i’ll leave you with my ace acer instead

3 blogs in one day : ) why not

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Now whom you called Harry in this blog, Steve? As the frog which is bigger is "she".
I like the cat. Nice red strips. We call it Irish zebra. Do not know why. Lol.

11 Apr, 2012


you are such a great story teller!!

loved it!!

that pond with the sparkles on is so pretty, those clems and passion flower seem to be growing really well.

love the broom and the white flower ~ iberis???

Gingermog is great ~ i hope he appears in all the blogs now, looks like he is in charge!!!

and congratulations to harry and sally ~ hope there will be lots of hopping/crawling feet???

11 Apr, 2012


you mean Sally and Harry sticki ; )
I have a feeling gingernuts will be on again ; )
The frog are quite funny, i'll be doing something and then just see a small pair of eyes : )

11 Apr, 2012


oh sorry ~ back to front again
Sally and Harry

i can just imagine those eyes looking like they are floating through the plants!! you used to be able to get mugs with china frogs stuck inside the mug ~ great for the unsuspecting drinker!!!

see you next blog Gingernuts!!

11 Apr, 2012


Brilliant Blog Steve. Ginger is so cute and so are the Frogs. :)

11 Apr, 2012


love the frogs :)))))))))))))) Same as our next door's cat :)))))))))))))))))) nice pics

12 Apr, 2012


lol you are funny! i love the frog pictures and i absolutely adore gingers photos, just gorgeous:-)) oh and the plants arent too bad either;-)

12 Apr, 2012


Aw lovely blog the froggies and Gingernuts ..what a poser! Your plants are all looking wonderful! You always put a mile on my face :))))

12 Apr, 2012


pixi you make me smile too!

12 Apr, 2012



12 Apr, 2012


Quick update, gingernuts is fine, jumped up onto the fence today to rub noses : )

14 Apr, 2012


was this a photo shoot? rubbing noses?

14 Apr, 2012


i love the frogs!!

27 Apr, 2012


: )

27 Apr, 2012


Me too, Junna, especially when they walk on Persian carpet :)

27 Apr, 2012


Working backwards Stevie, I love the blog, very entertaining, G`nuts is like my grandsons cat, looks similar in character too, lol...

29 Apr, 2012


: ) thanks Lincslass

29 Apr, 2012

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