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GNuts - a day in the life


Hello there,
after some requests for more photos of me I have asked Stevie if he wouldn’t mind taking a few pics of me : )
here are some from the other day when Stevie tried to take me indoors and today as well, its raining

Meow, you may remember me in this pic (=^_^=)

The other day Stevie took me over to his place, it was chilly and he said I might like to sit on the chair!
But first I’ll hang around outside a bit

Hmm this recycling looks interesting

maybe I can rub my nose on it

hmm not to sure if i want to come in Stevie

He’s whistling like there’s some food so lets see >^,,^<

no am not going on the chair, you cant make me if i dont want to =^..^=

oh ok if you want a pic i’ll let you

oh you want a pic of me on the table, bet i can jump off before you can take a pic =^;^=

haha going back outdoors now, bye

but if you dont mind i’ll have a sniff of this chair first

hmmm this tyre looks interesting

I’ll have a sniff round the plants while i am over here

ah so you want a pic now of me in front of your arch, no way hehe, I’m off back now bye

hut humm, excuse meeee…Stevie, I thought I was your favorite? (btw haven’t got a biscuit have you?)

Its that cat over there isnt it?

Stevie, who’s that dog over there? keeps looking over here!!

ello, prrrr

well this is my place folks, my box in the hedge

and I have things to jump n climb on

and today its raining again so the shed is wedged open if i want to go in

but I like my hedge

hmmm food stuff ya face hmmm (=^_^=)

I like to jump out whenever theres a pic >^,,^<

ok here’s a couple of blurred pics

and heres the soaked frontage, bit of crabapple blossom


and heres my box folks…goodbye

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Hello Gingernuts,
Im so glad you have somewhere warm and dry and looks like you have plenty of food!!

There are some very nice plants there that you get to wander around and sniff!! that acer over the water is really pretty!

Have you been keeping that Stevie in order??? And who is the boss ~ you or Kai ~ the dog upstairs [sorry i cant remember its name]

btw I do like your cat writing in the blog =^.^=

Gnuts ~ i wish i had a warm coat like yours, you look much warmer than me!!!

29 Apr, 2012


Hi Gingernut:-)
Masha was saying if you'd PM her your address she could share with you some of Beef Whiskas she's not fond of, lol. Oh, and she also said you could pop in for a bowl of milk. lol
And another thought of hers - you look exactly like her brother!!! she asked me to dig the photos of them...
Will try to do that:)

29 Apr, 2012


Im not sure if Minty would share her 'temptation' biscuits!!! Masha must be very kind.

Gingernut you are very lucky ~ it looks as if you have no rain there!

29 Apr, 2012


Shhhh - Sticki don't mention food of any kind here, lol.
And rain - too much here in Wales... where will it end??? Think I will dig out some photos of sunsets, lol.

29 Apr, 2012


oooh yes, thanks for the warning!

sunsets are lovely.

and I do like Gnuts diary for the day!!!

29 Apr, 2012


Thats a good bit of blog writing G,nuts and so good of Stevie to take your photo`s for you, thankyou for a very entertaining few mins on this very wet drab day....

29 Apr, 2012


drab day indeed

29 Apr, 2012


its STILL raining here! but the wind has finally died down. most trees here seem to have had a bashing.

29 Apr, 2012


Awwwwwwww Gingernuts is a beauty..great blog Ginge!

30 Apr, 2012


Nice to meet you Gingernut :o))

30 Apr, 2012


So drab Millie stayed in her hutch ALL day, as did I! Is the purr ball feral?

30 Apr, 2012


Masha is saying she want's to go out as the sun was shining for few minutes here in Wales;-)

30 Apr, 2012


sky is blue here too, minty is out BUT she is taking far too much interest in some bluetits that may be nesting in the garden ~ minty might only get a short time outside ~ i do not trust her!!!

30 Apr, 2012


you have been in Millie's hutch lulu???

30 Apr, 2012


good thing Sticki - I did trust Masha. But somethin was telling me not to.... and that Something was right:((((

30 Apr, 2012


minty was very bad a couple of years ago, i dont want that to happen again

30 Apr, 2012


GNuts was a stray and came to stay lulu, he just prefers his own space and likes to stay outside

30 Apr, 2012


good on you Gnuts ~ i like my own space too!!!

30 Apr, 2012


Love the photo shoot Gingernuts and nice of you to show us round you place looks like quite a des res just what
every self respecting cat needs...And live in staff as well!!
Happy hunting Gingernuts=^.^=

1 May, 2012


Tyga my tabby wants to join Gingers Fan Base.Miaows On You.Her philosophy is.... When I am in I wanna be out,and when I am out, I wanna be in. =^.^=

4 May, 2012


oh I have one of those =^.^= too!!!!

Im thinking of changing her name to Contrary!

4 May, 2012


Tyga s other philosophy is: when you give me chicken I want salmon; when you give me salmon I want chicken and when I have a dish of both, I just walk off!!!! =^.^= to all my miaows on you bloggers.... You know what ahm talkin bowt!!

4 May, 2012


oh bless you stevie for looking after ginge:-))) he seems happy enough:-) well you both do really!

19 May, 2012


He was out today seeing what i was up to in the polytunnel, hes fine, can usually be found laying on his box watching the world go by

19 May, 2012

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