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Lydford gorge - another mega blog warning ; )


Situated between Tavistock and Oakhampton in Devon a very nice way to spend the day and have a longish walk, a choice of two cafes, and its raining outside so i might as well bung these pics on…

Ok so take my hand and lets walk around, heres our first path

planty of nice steps

and lots of water everywhere

lots of spring foliage

and scenes of green

These paths are all a good photo

and so are the bridges n steps

lots of moss

some fern unferling

ok i’ll shut up now ; )

a tree giving another tree a hug

loads of bluebells (although this pic doesn’t show it that well)

lots of water going below and over paths

and from above (well i suppose it would have to really ; )

and yet more moss

and down here we go

now we have the stream by the path

another bridge coming up

love these bridges

some have a door halfway!

and just look at this lovely…..

waterfall n pool

and so about halfway round and time to have a cuppa at the halfway cafe

the entrance this end

lets play inspect the toasty, I’ve opted for a tuna mayo
(NB pic included to try to head off food comments ; )

hmm not too bad but not great, will give this one a 4.7 out of 10 (remember no food comments now you’ve had your toasty, thats it)

and back on the trail to the big waterfall

and get a load of the green

another doorway suspended over the stream

and so now we are heading back the other side alongside the stream

I have to say I love light like this, almost the perfect kind of photography for me

and here too ; )

the whole thing is just this dappled light (NB underexpose at least a stop)

ok lets shut up for a while, you’re talking too much

just to say a pretty fabbo shot if i may say so (what you haven’t clicked like already ; )

quite a few of these small waterfalls

and dripping walls (reminds me of a room i rented when i was a student ; )

and just how green can it get??

or mossy

I’m stumped

and heres a place to rest : )

and just how clean is this water

and so we go up some big stairs toward the end

over the bridge

up some more, come on keep up

the final whirlpooly bit

Ok thats it for now, (tea time) there is a grand finally and will add a couple more shots of it when I can find the lead for the camera ; )

I have added it the GoY map thingy duffers or you can check out the website here

thank you once again ; )


lil flower by the stream : )

Ok the last bit is heading toward the devils cauldron

ok a few more flowers

The last bit

lovely bit of gorge

water squeezes in here

lovely bit of moss

water shaped rocks

pre-history washing machine ; )

lots of green on that wall

and on the way out

thanks again and for walking the extra mile ; )

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aw stevie that is just so beautiful, those waterfalls are fabulous, well i love it all really. ferns, moss, streams......

why do they put gates across the bridges???

if i had gone on that walk i might not have come back ~ its so lovely.

19 May, 2012


Excellent walk shame its too far away for us .

Many thanks for sharing your walk felt was walking with you.

19 May, 2012


well! im worn out after coming on that virtual walk with you, i really do need a cuppa now! i love those hugging trees too, glad you took a pic of them, it looks like you walked miles!:-)) bet you're shattered...

19 May, 2012


I've faved it as well - and the link you gave.

Such a beautiful walk, must be really soul-satisfying. How long a walk was it?

19 May, 2012


Sticki i guess hey want to cut people off if they get in for free when its closed, however if you tried to climb around you would probably slip n fall!!!!

JD shattered shattered loading all thos pics on ; ) i'm having a cuppa too

Fran yes it's quite a long way round so a long morning or afternoon but probably best to take your time, have a break halfway, was there a few hours. It was quite a long walk all the way round

19 May, 2012


well i dont want that to happen to me!!!!!!

19 May, 2012


Lovely walk, Stevie. Enjoyed your company.

19 May, 2012


absolute gorgeous setting - and it looks peaceful - and great for some bird spotting , love to walk around the woods , sadly a bit scared to go alone these days

19 May, 2012


Stevie I am stumped......brilliant blog, i could almost hear the birds tweeting.
I think the gates are there to show who owned which side of the land, once upon a time, maybe the water divided the ownership!

19 May, 2012


Thanks for that bit of exercise , Stevie , mentally refreshed now , too .
Added to faves .

19 May, 2012


Wow, I'm out of breath here, that's taken me all afternoon and what a lovely walk it has been, really enjoyed it Stevie and your company too....could almost hear those waterfalls as we walked by...just stunning and the great photos too.....another walk soon please....:))

19 May, 2012


Absolutely fabulous Stevie.

19 May, 2012


Just my sort of place - I could almost hear the water rippling along. Thank you very much for a lovely walk, and I'm not even tired!

19 May, 2012


Wow.. couldn't have done that walk without you and so glad we had a break half way round as my knee replacement was wondering what was happening. Thank you for the company, great photos and added to my favourites. :-)

19 May, 2012


I wonder how many people go round there and disniss it as "just some trees and stuff"? qiuet beauty that doesn't shout and hold up signs saying "look at me" takes the right kind of mind to appreciate it - lol lucky GoY is full of those!

this gives me a whole new groundplan for my personal forest when I win the lottery ...

19 May, 2012


You should have called this blog....''Paradise''
Just stunning! THanks for showing us your walk..I'm out of breath now..yes you took my breath away!
Reminds me of one of my favourite places up here called the Hermitage. Lovely Stevie :))))))) ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

19 May, 2012


I agree with you pixi, took my breath away too.

19 May, 2012



19 May, 2012


you must have taken more pics than these, Stevie - any chance of a YouTube slideshow? *s* not sure what music would go with so idylllic a scene!

oh, if only GoY had its own YouTube channel!

20 May, 2012


The Pastoral Symphony?

20 May, 2012


Lovely walk - thanks! But make mine a cheese toasty next time. ;o)

20 May, 2012


Well.....during the time it took for my computer to finished uploading these (wonderful, evocative) photos, I went downstairs made a sarnie (ryvita with stilton & chutney!)and a cuppa!
Love those bridges, the light, the water. What Jazz, Pru me and Sluggy would have given to be there too!
Fabbo Stevie, great pics.

20 May, 2012


Thanx folks
I now have a couple more to put on Lulu so you'll have to go downstairs again ; )

20 May, 2012


Glass of wine this time!
Can't work out which photos are new....................Concentrate dammit!

20 May, 2012


HANG ON its getting there WAIT!!!!!! ; )

20 May, 2012


actually sorry going to take a bit of time, will put them on tomorrow soz

20 May, 2012


Stevie you are a master of suspence!

20 May, 2012


It looks a nice place for a walk. I love how the trees are all coming into leaf, giving that dappled shade :o)

21 May, 2012


Ok folks, have added a couple of pics of the last bit, enjoy

(lulu hasn't clicked like, get my little book out ; 0)

21 May, 2012


ooooh naughty lulu, no more chutney for you lulu!!!

that extra mile is well worth it! so beautiful, loved those delicate flowers and the stream under the rocks, its just perfect.

and the sound of rushing water is lovely!!!

21 May, 2012


there are a few options of stream sounds on here

[River 6 is quite nice]

21 May, 2012


magic, Sticki! whizzed that site straight into my faves. I can see myself spending a lot of time exploring the sounds

the wonders of networking!!

21 May, 2012



21 May, 2012


Stevie, this page takes ages to load!!!! Love the extra photos.

21 May, 2012


Does this blog get the award for the most photos? If not it should get an award for the greenest walk with the most waterfalls.

21 May, 2012


Think gold medal for the greenest Sticki!

21 May, 2012


Do we have a catagory for walks??? might be nice to have that.

21 May, 2012


Sticki ask TT. I agree.

21 May, 2012


oh I dont think there is as many as my mega Aberglasney blog.
maybe I should have done a 2 parter and let you all have a rest for a couple of days half way ; )

21 May, 2012


You nearly did that, finale was held back a day!

Also I enjoyed that break (details of which I am not allowed to speak of) in the middle.

21 May, 2012


if there were Oscars for blogs, this'd win in several categories! stunning. Thanks, Stevie, must have taken ages to upload

22 May, 2012


Wanna go, wanna go see all that!

22 May, 2012


Oh, and I clicked the like button (although it took ages to scroll to!)

22 May, 2012


Thanks, ok wheres my little book ...lulu..cross out ; ) actually yep thats it if its too long people get too tired!

22 May, 2012


lol it's in my faves as well

22 May, 2012


well it made me want to go to lydford ~ i think you should ask for some commission from them??

are we going to the oscars too!!!

22 May, 2012


Lets....make a plan...B & B? walkies?

22 May, 2012


When is your birthday lulu?

And when is the best time to go to Lydford?

22 May, 2012


please select your toastie,
You can suggest a combo of two but when i tried this it seemed as if i were a visitor from outer space, so i opted for tuna and asked for mayo which indeed arrived (with very little mayo).
You know sometimes I am sorely tempted to arrive with a chuck of a loaf and ingredients and say can you put all this into a toasty for say £1 then I can garantee i'll not only GET some filling BUT indeed it will be actually quite generous, or how about just asking 'excuse me but do you have an electric socket I can use' ; )
and then lead at it with my OWN pre prepared bulging toastie and sandwich toaster hahahahaha

22 May, 2012


So long as you don't have to do the washing up?

Um tuna definitely and maybe with tomato please, but I really like Mayo - is that too much to ask?

22 May, 2012


Tuna AND tomatoe Sticki, ok well as long as you are ok dressing up as an alien

hmmm ok fairplay, flask and some paper plates

22 May, 2012


I have to dress up?? Hmmm alien, think I might like some of those super efficient springy metal feet so I can run fast.

22 May, 2012


Mines a bacon sarnie please!

22 May, 2012


Oh I like those too!

With brie? And crusty bread?

22 May, 2012


On no... poor waistline!

22 May, 2012


ok, hold the brie?? [you do not need to worry!! only me]

22 May, 2012


who said Brie was available??, what you from outta space or somink?

23 May, 2012


oh, no brie anyway???

ok tell you what i will have cheese and Stevie's chutney please!!!

23 May, 2012


Cheese not brie!!

23 May, 2012


yes cheese!!!

no not outer space ~ another planet??

23 May, 2012


Its all been a huge cover up, the moon IS made of cheese

23 May, 2012


Well if that's the case, I wouldn't mind going there! Should I take some chutney?

23 May, 2012


Wallace and Gromit proved it years ago

25 May, 2012


That's excellent Stevie, such lovely views, love the waterfalls...

26 May, 2012


Thanks SL

27 May, 2012


Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing. Have made a note as we may be heading that way if I manage to get a week off work soon :D

28 May, 2012


Well its a nice place to spend a few hours, enjoy : )

28 May, 2012


lol Stevie, you ought to approach them for commission! it's on my list of "one-day" too

28 May, 2012


No problem HB, was lucky just to have the perfect spring day

9 Jun, 2012

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