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Join me for a glass of....


But first just a couple of shots to record the polycave activity

Plenty of Toms coming on


cucumbers have been fab this year, have had nearly 30 now and still about 10 now ready

so looking pretty busy, although it was a bit of a mistake to put courgettes and marrow inside ; )

Over to the small polytunnel with some spare stuff doing ok. Didnt manage to get a pic of the small grasssnake at the door as I came in but hes just in the corner to the right somewhere

and look at theose grapes

lovely aren’t they

Just a couple of weeks, bunchtastic

cant do a quick blog without the passions, have a few fruits on the go, hoping to get them ripe enough to eat this time round

and the passions are joined at the other end this year

the first lot comes off the production line, had another big tubfull today

Ok who can tell me what this is ; )
(clue its part of my new high nutrition diet)

See you laters

Alligators : )

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Cucumber and cabbage juice? (I hope not...)

19 Aug, 2013


Love the poly tunnels, perhaps I can give up thinking of mending the derelict greenhouse and have one of these instead! Not for tomatoes I hasten to add, don't like them, perhaps because Father grew two huge greenhouses full when we were kids and we got the job of nipping out the side shoots!
I hope your nutritous drink tastes better than it looks - grape and green tomato? There's a thought!

19 Aug, 2013


Cucumber fave!

19 Aug, 2013


Dont tell me that's alligator juice?!!

All looks fantastic...........never tried grape and tomato juice but there is always a first time?

Will there be a vintage 'Terrible Wine' label?

20 Aug, 2013


Ok Ok, its what we in the new Juicing nutrition fad call a 'Mean green' this is my MG with AVO combo, I call it an MGavo ; )
Juice some Kale, celery, cumber, an apple and half a lemon and a small bit of ginger, thats your standard mean green, then for added good fat and protien scoop a small avocado into the blender, add the MG and waz a bit and bobs your uncle, nutrition on stilts, a full meal in a glass

I lost half a stome a while back just giving up refined sugars and replacing sugar in tea with honey
Now I cant stop losing weight (its for nutrition not weight loss btw)
lost another 2/3rds of a stone and feeling ALOT better

20 Aug, 2013


Stevie, I have just given up sugar by using Cinnamon in my coffee and on my fruit instead, It has very good properties in it and is so good for you, wish I could lose weight like you though :( Lovey pics and that passion flower, to die for.

20 Aug, 2013


Ah GM I am doing a juice called 'Peach Pie Delight' one of my faves,
got it from Joe Crosses website
from one of his reboot plans

Its inthe purple juice list, tastes great, that has a dash of cinnemon in it : )

22 Aug, 2013


Stevie, have checked this 'reboot' website out, does look good, will study it a bit more, do you have to have a juicer?

23 Aug, 2013


Oh yes, got a breville one, sold as 'Sage' in this country, its the same as used in Joes film, very good as well, loving it

26 Aug, 2013


Rats........have not long given one away to a charity shop :( Will have to search for another one now. :) Thanks Stevie.

27 Aug, 2013

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