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Veg patch June end n Raised bed Alcatraz


Just to record progress. Just in a week the toms have come up n and have now seen the first fruits and the raised beds are doing well.
So just a week ago had finished the wire fence, had made some nifty doors and had planted most of the veg up.

Theres she is lookin good

After the first wave of nibbling this is the net enclosed frame n nets, with metal grate hinged roofs

Back up toms in the smallpoly

The grapes were coming on

In the big poly the toms were just about ready to be supported

On the other side I am letting the newer grape vines grow a bit n will decide what form they should take at the end of the season

My neighbours wildflower patch

a few Common Blue Damselflys on the go

and just a week later

the toms are up

still using a bit of space to bring stuff on, but that will go soon and in will go the peppers

using canes n nylon string

grapes coming on in the small poly

a tray of cosmos to sell and am hoping the toms will give a second wave in the small poly

nice grapes but will shorten the laterals next year and use the verticals coming off them

and again a week on the raised beds are well on their way with no damage at all

lookin nice

just seeing if I can get a few outdoor toms as well

The net is working well

Got a few things in
2 types of beans , climbing n dwarf
mange tout
some spare potatoes
spare toms
celery (for juicing)
swiss chard (colurful for salads)
courgette, green n yellows
gourds (for soups)
celeriac (in the spaces) for mash
my old blueberry under the net
a few fennel (to pick young)
Kale 3 types, tall, curly n dark Russian, (mostly for juicing)
Cabbage x2, green n reds (got given thanks)
spinach (for salads n juicing)
Koh Rabi
Pak choi
and also have about 50 beetroot to go in later.

So could this be the year I get a decent mixed veg harvest?

have kept a few kale back and might stick some sprouts in after for xmas

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You must work on it for the whole day, Steve. How about goose? Is she OK?

29 Jun, 2014


Goosey was doing fine but seemed a bit down yesterday and didnt want to attack me

29 Jun, 2014


Self sufficient Stevie, you should sell some stuff to your local grocers or on the other hand just eat it! Brilliant.

29 Jun, 2014


I can imagine, that goosey was weary from so many raised beds in the countryside, lol.

29 Jun, 2014


I was quite modestly proud last year as I ate nearly everything i grew. Sold a few punnets of toms to those that asked and also gave some away. I made batches of tom soup and a bit of veg soup and filled the freezer with one bowl slabs, still got a couple of bowls left as the new toms just about to come in, tom soup all year. And its absolutely luvly. Also the nutritional value of the toms is not lost with heating.
This year I intend to eat n process more and to keep the veg going into winter as much as poss

30 Jun, 2014


Ach, Steve, you will be so healthy.

30 Jun, 2014


you will not need a meds and a doctor anymore Stevie,good for you, want also to have a veggies garden, unfortunately not for now, we always have a typhoon here..

6 Jul, 2014


Sorry to hear that Junna, hope you get a veg patch one day.
Yes with the juicing already upped my health alot. Will also be doing the tomatoes soups as well and this year will try some fermentaion n pickles, good for Vit Bs and Niacin

6 Jul, 2014

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