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Veg patch production line starts, First reds, GNuts invation n Goosey pool


The first reds are in and tasted the first one today, hmm

No I dont mean the watering cans ; )
Come in n have a look

Stripped of the lower leaves to let the light n air round. Lots of toms looking good. Mostly ‘Gardeners Delight’ but looking quite full

A few odd ones, here the Purple Russians looking good

A good crop of cucumbers on the go, next year I think I’ll devote one side to half cucumbers half peppers

and the peppers doing good. will soon be twice the high and will bush out so will have a solid hedge of peppers. Can you see at the front to the right, something new?
A new kind of plant, bringing these on for someone else..but what are they? ; )

Chinese banana loving the poly

and so very happy with my efforts this year

and the first reds just turning a couple of days ago

lots of passions of course, did plan to have a few passion fruits on the go but I just like having the flowers around
Another different passion flower to the right, Flowering ginger to the left, pomegranate and no fruit/flowers on the kiwi plant this year

and so to the spare small poly, toms coming on a bit later

Not so many grapes this year but will all go in the juicer

and here she is, the raised beds doin great

Loads of courgettes n potatoes ready, beans just about

loads of kale , spinach for the juicer etc all with no damage

very pleased

shaded area vital in this weather

Back at the front just to the right with the label, my new Ginko tree

Still lots of interest, but its hot n have had to open my double doors in the evening just to get some cooler air in BUT….

who’s this coming in? n hiding under the bed?

Now hang on a mo, milk n ham has made me a target for a bit of fussing

up very early this mornin and who’s there waiting?
better go n water the toms, have noticed the pond had all but dried up, what to do?

well you’ll need your own pool I guess


The wildflower patch looking nice

Made some luvly courgette n potatoe soup last night n this mornin had a cracking omlette, you guessed it courgette n potatoe ; )

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I was going to ask what you did with all your veg, but I am sure you could make a lot of soup and lots and lots of omelettes.

29 Jul, 2014


Amazing produce Stevie, cannot believe how much you have there! I adore that passion flower, its beautiful. Here's to some delish juices and so fresh too.

29 Jul, 2014


So many vegetables, Steve! You are absolutely independent from import. The goosey looks very healthy, posing on that blue sheet of plastic, reminds me old Dutch porcelain ducks, which are often sold in gardeners ┬┤sshops as decoration. And yes, weeds bloom as well, but it doesn t meant, they are wild flowers, lol.

30 Jul, 2014 all looks so productive. Nice to be independent in our food sources. I admire your work, Stevie.

31 Jul, 2014


Thanks folks,
I ate everything I could last year but I think I would need a couple more polytunnels and another raised bed set up to be near self sufficient (and another larger freezer).
I filled my freezer with tomatoe soup so that worked and i have 1 serving left so yes have been self sufficient in soup all year.
However will be veg rich Aug and onwards but its converting it to last as long as and into winter.
But getting their anyway : )

I was thinking how to roughly work out how many tomatoes I will get . with about 70 tom plants in the two tunnels say 8 tomatoes on the first two vines and say 6 on the next to on each plant plus say 6 more toms on the plant so 34 toms on each plant = so well over 2000 tomatoes is alot when you think about it!! : )

and so it starts properly today as I'll go over n start using the kale n greens proper for cooking n juicing.

Your comments reminded me of an interview clip last year from the Bilderberg circus fiasco last year in the UK.
They had a good talk about what happens when the balloon goes up, and a couple from the 'Ministry of Health' ; )

31 Jul, 2014

31 Jul, 2014

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