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"Chilli Vodka!", I'll give that a go!


As I posted the last blog, I thought “Chilli Vodka!”, I’ll give that a go, after all if your gonna post a recipe you’ve gotta at least try it yourself first.
So with that in mind my first quest was locating the Scots Bonnets. Mine are too small and pale green at this time.
Checking out the local supermarkets and fruit ‘n’ veg shops it occurs to me that whilst some of them do indeed stock chillies, they are usually labelled “mixed chilli” or just “hot chillies” of the tubular varieties i.e. Thai, birds-eye, jalapino, etc. nothing of the habenero (lantern) type. Then there was Sainsburys. Good they do have Scots Bonnets, but out of a pack of eight only two were red, another pack, one red, one orange, two orange/yellow and the rest green. No more in stock! Blinkin flip! I’ll have to leave it until more stock arrives.
Hmmm, while I’m in here I’ll peruse the Voddy.
Disapointment again! 35% proof, 37.5% proof, 40% proof, even a 45% proof. But no 57% proof.
Over the following week I checked out more establishments of the brewed grain with 40% proof being the strongest.
So it’s back to good old Sainsburys to check out the restocked chilli bin. Bought three packs (24 chillies) of which 14 were dark red, one scarlet, one orange/yellow and two green. The Voddy came in the guise of Smirnoff triple distilled export strength vodka No.57, (blue label).
On Wednesday 16th September 2009 I started the process.
1st job, pour a glass o voddy to make room for the chillies. Destalk ‘em.
Tear them up by hand, saving the seeds for new stock (he, he).
As you are putting the chillies into the borrel o voddy, ban your spouse from the room, ’cos whilst you’re handling hot chillies she will feel the need to “test” the Wodka to make sure it’s alright.
After adding chillies, top up the borrel with the voddy left in the glass up to 2 cm from the top. After doing this, go back to the supermarket and buy another borrel ‘cos your missus drank to much and there wasn’t enough left in the glass for topping up.
The recipe calls for 6-8 medium sized chillies.I used all 14! I think I’ll end up having to dilute it with another borrel o voddy,but not until its stood for 6 weeks first. Plus, it’ll stop my missus testing it to “see how it’s coming on”.
And finally, a word of caution:
Scrub your hands thoroughly! Do it again…and again!
Think you’re safe! So did I. Your not! Honest!
I must have been touching my face in my sleep. It felt like I’d been diving into nettles face first all night.
Three days later after umpteen hand scrubs, baths and showers, touching my lips still produced a pleasant tingling.
Before you ask, the answer is, when using the bathroom be VERY, VERY careful! ;-)

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Ok now, I Know we have some crazies on site LOL next time when handling the #10's use oil on your hands afterwards or more clever thin medical gloves. Golly I am glad I was not invited 4 that voddie. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 Sep, 2009


lol.... That sounded like fun. But I don't think I'll be trying it :0

21 Sep, 2009


While I enjoy the occasional hot toddie, this sounds dreadful!

21 Sep, 2009


It'll be ready on Wednesday 28th Sept.
Not long now!
Stocked up on yoghurt, coconut and milk!
Fire brigade are on standby.
Watch this space....

24 Oct, 2009


I like your blog chilli vodka .I might give it go when chillies are ripe,but I will use surgical gloves

26 Jun, 2010


Thanx, Johnjoe.
Watch out for that first sip!

27 Jun, 2010

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