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I'm gardening an acre and a bit (0.5 hectares) on a south-facing slope of the South Wales valleys in the United Kingdom.

When we moved there in 2002, the garden had a small wood, a thicket of blackthorn, bramble and sycamore trees and the rest was pasture, formerly the domain of a small horse and some goats.

The soil was largely none existent - a couple of inches of turf and sandy grit on top of penant sandstone.

We've not so much set about taming it as shaping it. We have a large, productive vegentable plot, an orchard, a patio and and flower beds. The thicket has given way to a wildlife pond, chicken pen and bee hives.

But there's so much more to do and I need all he advice I can get. I've recently started a blog with this in mind.

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Country: United Kingdom

County: Caerphilly Borough

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