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i had a e mail from bob flowerdew of bbc gardening (name dropper) about pots, it read remove the flowers from the pots as they open this will make the plant bush and then the leaves will act as a barrier against weeds,and make the pots swell,but he did not say anything about early pots (who wants them big anyhow),i will be trying it,

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I'll try it aswell. Thanks for telling about it.

26 Feb, 2010


Makes good sense, now that you mention it. many Thanks for passing this on.

26 Feb, 2010


Sounds a good idea.

26 Feb, 2010


worth a try, i was always told to wait till the flowers died, so will be interesting to know how you get on stroll

27 Feb, 2010


Hi Sandra! That was what I was thinking, too!! If you pluck the flowers, how will you know that the pots are ready to harvest? The withered fowers are a "sign" to say "Pick Me!". The withering plant stems "shaws", howverer, are the real give-way, methinks??

28 Feb, 2010


hi david yup your right :o))

28 Feb, 2010


Bob Flowerdew, I used to watch all his programs bought his book to!! He's a great one to watch regards recycling. He uses everything you can think of. I will pinch out the flowers and see what happens cheers

2 Apr, 2010



17 Jul, 2010


Hmmmm???? Well, I have removed the flowers as they appeared, just to see. After all, the flowers are just part of the plant's natural reproductive cycle. On the "Potatoes" page, where there have been queries re plants not flowering, seems to make no difference to what is going on underground. The potatoes(tubers) will have grown by this time, so why not guide the plants' energy to them, rather than the flowers/pollen? We do it with fading flowers on bulbs (but retain the foliage for nutrition until it turns yellow and flops) so that all the energy is steered towards the bulbs, for healthier and more productive future yields.

18 Jul, 2010


makes sense to me David!

18 Jul, 2010


let me know how it goes david i hope you left a plant with all the flowers on to see if there is any more or larger potatos

18 Jul, 2010

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