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Looking through the round window!!!!!!!


This is my Photinia Red Robin which has had a sort of round window cut out so that the next door neighbour can see up the road when reversing out of his drive.

These are especially for Pansypotter.
Black and tweed look jacket

Black and camel trim V neck cardi

Black and white check lined Jacket

Green lambswool ribbed jumper

Round neck jumper with buttoned pocket

Beige cotton and silk one button jacket

Red boucle and silk shrug

Rose motif jumper

Navy and white trim Shawl neck jacket

Tweed look jacket with denim daisy trim to buttons.

Hope folks don`t mind the imposition, but there is no facillity for photos on Private messages.

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love the photina - smart front garden - nice jackets , they're waving by themselves :-O

10 Apr, 2012


Can't the neighbour reverse onto the drive when he comes home? :)
Nice jackets/cardigan/jumpers :)

10 Apr, 2012


Thats exactly what I was about to say Scottish, mind you the Photina looks good as does the rest of the garden.
I also like the fashion show, especially the pink one, lovely for a coolish summer evening....

10 Apr, 2012


I'm glad you didn't chop the shrub down completely. Good job you had it as an excuse to make this blog for Pansypotter lol

10 Apr, 2012


Thanks Phyl for pictures of your designs, thet are all lovely very smart and fashionable, I particularly like the Black and Camel jacket and the Pink Shrug, you are very clever, did you knit them up yourself too? Im knitting one of the patterns you sent me at the moment, the Cardigan with the Frilly hem and Collar its looking good but have to concentrate with the diamond pattern lol
Very thoughtful of you to think of your neighbour but pleased you didnt cut the lovely standard all the way down , ;0)) x

10 Apr, 2012


Ta Paul hope you waved back. Scottish and Lincs I cant understand why he doesn`t reverse ~ the only thing I do know is he is a pain in the
Hywell I do try to be accomodating as I can as he doesn`t like plants but no way would I cut them down or take them out.
Carole, yes I did all the knitting as well as designing, but it was a long time ago, you`ll love the little cardi when you`ve finished it ~ I think I must have done that one numerous times.

11 Apr, 2012


You clever thing, I can't even knit, never mind design:-)

11 Apr, 2012


Yes but you have a beautiful garden Ba.

11 Apr, 2012


A pain in the butt!!! I'd have told him to beat it and to learn how to drive properly!! :)

11 Apr, 2012


I live in a small cul-de-sac. My next door neighbour had some building material on her drive for some time. Her next door but one neighbour (tuther way) knocked on her door one day and asked her in an annoyed tone when she was going to clear her drive as he liked to use it to reverse on since he hurt his neck!!! Probably hurt it sticking it out I think;-)

11 Apr, 2012


What a nerve....and a brass neck :))

11 Apr, 2012


Gosh you have certainly got talent, did you make them for yourself or did you knit for others too? Just finished the little Cardigan and I do love it, will be in my folder for the future;0))

11 Apr, 2012


You're just too considerate to that neighbour! ... I think he should reverse it in ... cheeky so-and-so! ... Lovely selection of clothing there, Stroller ... you can't say "I've got nothing to wear!" ... like Ba, I can't knit a thing ... :o(

11 Apr, 2012


Lol, I enjoyed the fashion show :)

11 Apr, 2012

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