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My garden is still giving pleasure


as the autumn months approach there is still quite a bit of colour to appreciate. I took these pics last week to give me a record of what is where and to help in making improvements for next year.
pic 1

pic 2

pic 3
The pinky winky hydrangea behind the black cherub birdbath has done very well in this its second year, could it be that it enjoys Pans piping,lol.

pic 4
This is a seat to cover the pond and waterfall filters, and the arch going over it is covered with Banksii Lutea which has gone rampant this year hope it has lots of flowers in springtime.

pic 5 and 6 showing the odd dab of colour

pic 6

pic 7
My lovely little imp surrounded by Escallonia `gold ellen` with just the odd flower clinging on.

pic 8,9 and 10
These begonia have been a joy all summer and are still giving a good display, I now have to learn how to overwinter them if I can.

pic 11
Dublin bay rose is still throwing out the odd flower.

pic 12
This is Coleus `red velvet` one I haven`t grown before but have been pleased with it.

pic 13
last but not least an overall view from the bedroom window

Aw couldn`t leave it at thirteen so here we have pic 14
the seating at the bottom of the garden where I am now going to sit and think about what needs perking up next year, happy gardening all.

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Thankyou for the tour stroller you have such a beautiful garden.

My dad's friend grew many begonias and his garden in Aberdeen was full of them thousands .

He told us to lift them before the frost then let them dry off.

And store in a shoebox wrapped in newspaper .

And keep the boxes in a frost free place over winter

Good luck overwintering them

6 Sep, 2014


Really loved a look around your lovely garden.

6 Sep, 2014


Scotkat thanks for the info will give it a go, I presume that you have to cut off all the foliage after drying them off and before wrapping them up.

Kidsgran thanks for your lovely comment glad you enjoyed.

6 Sep, 2014


Yes Stroller

It would be a shame if you lost them as they are ever so pretty.

6 Sep, 2014


Its a beautiful garden to sit in, so full, much to admire, do you think we are never really satisfied Stroller, I too keep looking for things to change, lol...

6 Sep, 2014


As you say Lincs Idon`t think we are ever satisfied, I got rid of the Rose `phyllis bides` this afternoon it seemed to have more blackspot than ever and was very vicious to prune and it had been there for what seemed like years so its gone. Am now deciding what to put in its place.

6 Sep, 2014


It doesn't look as if it needs improving to me :) It's perfect as it is :o) ... !

6 Sep, 2014


Beautiful garden Stroller, lots of interesting features.

When your begonias start going over, stop watering, tip the pots onto their sides and let the foliage die-back, the stems will drop away from the tubers, or once the foliage is dead you can give the stems a gentle tug. Brush as much soil from the tubers as you can, then leave them to dry thoroughly (I put mine in a cold greenhouse in trays), then when dry brush off remaining soil, and dust with sulphur powder to stop mould. I store mine in old kitchen washing-up bowls of dry compost, but as Scotkat said you can wrap in newspaper. I keep mine in a cold greenhouse over winter with some fleece loosely laid over the bowls.

6 Sep, 2014


Great advice from Kath and Katy! I don't grow begonias, but it's great when you get some good advice on things like overwintering. That's what this site is all about!

Stroller, your garden looks beautiful....I was wondering....I've been thinking about the possibility of growing a climber on the front of my house, but it is paved all around. Have you had to lift a slab or two to plant yours?

6 Sep, 2014


Be very careful Karen of any climber against house.

For roots going under house

And bugs on climbers getting in through windows

6 Sep, 2014


Your garden is really lovely Stroller. I just had to put it in my "favourites" so that I can look at it again and again !
Oh yes...I agree Scotkat....definitely don't want any creepy crawlies going up there ! lol

6 Sep, 2014


What could you possibly want to change Stroller - you garden is a real credit too you. It still looks ever so lush too.
My H. pinky winky is also in it's second year and looking great too. I love your overall view and how everything works together.
Oh and thanks for asking re begonia tubers - I was going to pop a question on but you've save me the bother :)

6 Sep, 2014


What a lovely display,Stroller,and so tastefully planted and arranged..I love the golden Escallonia ..I thought it was a Choisya at first.and your Begonias are fantastic..such a splash of colour...I agree with the other comments on overwintering them..I used to stand mine upside down till all the foliage had died off..seemed to help them dry out quicker..just keep a check on them now and then,for mould..they should be fine.:o) Looks like we are in the same frame of me,as I'm getting rid of one of my Roses too..sad,but it needs to go ..It shines through how much you love your wonderful garden :o)

6 Sep, 2014


Enjoyed my stroll around your garden, I cant see room for improvement. I like your Escallonia gold ellen, lovely.

6 Sep, 2014


What a lovely garden Stroller, so many interesting plants and features ,nooks and corners and still so much colour.
Lovely arrangement of pots too. Thanks for letting us in to see and admire.

7 Sep, 2014


How beautiful....I love it all.... :))

7 Sep, 2014


Hi Hewel ... thanks for the compliment.
Katy ... thanks so much for your very explicit instructions re begonias I shall try my best to keep them.
Karen ... Yes I`ve lifted slabs to plant the climbers, hydrangea petiolaris and holboellia coriacea both on the kitchen wall as per pic 2 the hydrangea has been there since about 2004.
Rose your comments cheered me no end especially coming from a lady who has just been publically complimented.
Scottish ... glad that pinky winky has performed well for you too, and hope we both have success with overwintering our begonias, we`ve certainly had good advice.
Bloomer ... as you say sad to see roses go but things don`t last forever and its what gardening is all about.
Dawnsaunt, Klahenie and your comments much appreciated.
Michaella ... I still regret taking up the bottom lawn.

7 Sep, 2014


I really enjoyed my stroll round your garden too Stroller I can't see what you could improve either it's perfect :-)

7 Sep, 2014


A lovely garden Phyliss, love the diversity of plants and your gift for design sings out everywhere I love your cheeky Imp keeping his eye on Golden Ellen! The Coleus Red Velvet is a real winner, will have to look out for this one! and those Begonias are outstanding!I really enjoyed the visit;0))

7 Sep, 2014


Thank you! I thought you must have. I'll give it some thought....I have a lovely evergreen hydrangea, currently in a large pot, that would be great on the west facing side of the house, and I would love something pretty on the front. OH won't like the idea...we'll see! :))

7 Sep, 2014


Karen perhaps if you mention that most stately homes and large houses have climbers covering their walls it could change his mind.

8 Sep, 2014


Simbad ... glad you enjoyed the stroll, but as an avid gardener yourself will know we always think it could be
Thanks Carole - I think I sent for the Coleus from Dibleys.

8 Sep, 2014


Lol Stroller, that would have exactly the opposite effect!

8 Sep, 2014


Oh dear Stroller , it wasn't mine ! Ours is not really passed by as we are at the bottom of a cul de sac !

9 Sep, 2014


A case of mistaken identity then Rose, but never mind I would give you a gold star any day for all the work you have done in creating a beautiful garden in such a short time.

9 Sep, 2014


Absolutely beautiful garden Phyl ... I wish mine looked half as good as this in September! :o)

13 Sep, 2014


I`m sure it does Shirley, I was only thinking of you yesterday as I was using some of our plums to make your cake recipe ... all

14 Sep, 2014


Well, I guess it's good to be known for something, even if it is Plums and fruit cakes ... lol!

16 Sep, 2014

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