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Tree Bramley and russett

Added on 2 Jan, 2010 | 1 photo

Planted in 2005.
Moved end 2009 and espaliered against trellis at back of shed.
Doing well July 2010 even frui...

Tree `Heaven Scent`

Added on 28 Jul, 2010 | 0 photos

Genus: Magnolia.
Species: Magnolia.

Bought from Ornimental Trees Nr.Leominster.
12ltr pot approx 120-150cms.
Flowers april to june,
Fully hardy


Tree `Pink Pagoda`

Added on 28 Jul, 2010 | 1 photo

Genus: Sorbus.
Species: Sorbus hupehensis.

bought from Ornimental Trees, Nr Leominster in a 12ltr pot approx 150cms ht.
Planted in the back garden 14.7.20...


Tree Bramley cooking apple

Added on 2 Jan, 2010 | 1 photo

Moved this at the same time as the pear trees in Dec 2009.



Added on 16 Oct, 2010 | 1 photo

Genus: Ugni.
Species: Ugni molinae.

Evergreen Shrub Ht 4-5ft. Nodding fragrant pink-tinged white flower. Lovely pink, green, cream tinges to the lea...


variegated Kiwi

Added on 8 Jun, 2010 | 1 photo

Genus: Actinidia.
Species: Actinidia pilosula.

Nice climber planted up arbour in back garden deep pink buds on it 7th June `10. Some of the leaves have splashe...


Viburnum tinus `Eve Price`

Added on 30 Dec, 2009 | 1 photo

Ful sun or partial shade moist, well drained soid,moderately fertile.
Flowers December to april - pinkish white...


Victoria Plum

Added on 19 Apr, 2010 | 1 photo

Moved the 3rd wk in Dec `09 from LHSide garden to bottom of garden over an arch .


Yellow lily

Added on 2 Jul, 2010 | 1 photo

Species: lily.


Yew, Taxus Baccata

Added on 31 Dec, 2009 | 1 photo

Removed from garden. Planted in allotment.