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Cold and wet


Just when I feel as though I’m making some headway after totaly neglecting the garden since last August the weather changes and I’m stuck indoors with my computer sat on my lap searching this fantastic site for inspiration and more ideas to take outside the trouble being there are far too many, I’m sitting here thinking thats great,I love that and thats fantastic ect etc problem being that like a trip to the local garden centre I never realy think what will work with what and what just wont I just go rushing in and grab everything that takes my fancy then sit wondering where can I put this ?. A time for restraint is called for I must get the basic structure right now and that means the hard work the clearing, the weeding and of course the hard landscaping which is made harder by having a garden made up of a very thin layer of top soil often a mere 50mm or less deep spread over limestone some of which is so hard I cannot penatrate it with a pick axe.But not to worry with the advice inspiration and support from the wonderful members on here I am looking forward to creating something spectacular even if only I think so.

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I know the feeling of buying things and then wondering where to put them. I always do it but it's difficult to resist lol. Good luck with your garden. It's going to look like picture later on :o)

13 May, 2010


You have got a great mountain to climb, so you will definitely have to get
stuck in and get started soon...once you start, do it bit by bit,so you
will feel like you are getting somewhere....i always seem to think, the hard
part is getting the soil sorted out, once that is sorted...then you are on the way...that part of choosing plants & shrubs for the garden, is quite difficult
but, we all learn by our mistakes...and we all do try, our best to make
a nice garden to suit our needs....good luck, in all you do, in your garden
stuckinthemud : ~)))

13 May, 2010

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