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building a pond


By sue42


sunday 14 feb i started building a pond. i was digging all sunday afternoon and most of monday,back to work tuesday and aching all over so the pond will have to wait till sunday as i only have 2 days off. i’,ve taken photos but i will have to wait for my daughter to show me how to put them on again as i have forgotten how to do it.

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hi Sue,
it is back breaking work alright but when it is finished it will have been well worth it

17 Feb, 2010


hi sue wonder if we were doing it at the same time,i was doing just that on the allotment posting pics tmoz,good luck with yours..:o)

17 Feb, 2010


Good luck with the pond. I'm sure it will look great. I bet you'll get used to puting photos on soon. I took a while to learn myself.

17 Feb, 2010


Wow, Sue... I hope you haven't worked too hard. !!!
It will be fascinating to see the pics when you get the chance..
It will be worth all the effort when the pond is completed.. :o)

17 Feb, 2010


Gosh I don`t envy you that job, both our ponds were dug out in the summertime and that was hard enough. Good luck with it, I`ll look forward to seeing pics. in the future.........

17 Feb, 2010


Hard work especially in this weather but I`m sure you will be pleased with all the back breaking effort when its finished, look forward to seeing your photo`s.
Hope it all goes well.

17 Feb, 2010


Its hard work Digging Holes 4 Ponds Sue42 :/ I was Lucky as my Fella dug all my soil out & i just had to put the Mould in & fill with water :) Cant wait 2 see your pics :)

18 Feb, 2010


Good luck with your pond i can spend hours just watching the fish in mine.

18 Feb, 2010


Take great care Sue, your back is precious, but a bit at a time will get it done. I love hearing about new ponds, as they are so valuable to wildlife and give so much pleasure. Will look forward to seeing your results as soon as possible.
There are lots of lovely examples on GoYpedia ponds section.

18 Feb, 2010


look forward to your pics sue, im in planning stage, good luck with it all :o))

18 Feb, 2010


Good luck, Sue! And looking forward to your pictures...Love any ponds ideas...:)

19 Feb, 2010


Hi Sue . How's the pond doing ??. Have you finished it yet !. , I;ve had a good go today , been building a coulpe of wooden raised beds . 6ft x 1ft . . Got four more to do . OH ! yeh !. Started some Marrigold seeds off as well !.,,,,,Been a busy day .

21 Feb, 2010

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