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Honeysuckle death


By sue797


I have a Honeysuckle that climbs a wire trellis near my back porch. It has been growing for about five years and I don’t prune it at all. This year, it didn’t put out much new growth, and the blossoms were nice, but not as prolific as it has been in years past. About two weeks after blooming, it started dying off. The leaves just dried up, no black spots or fungus, just went from green to crispy. We have had two weeks of very hot temperatures (a couple of days around 105 degrees, which is too much heat, too early in the season, for this area. I gave it extra water, but it eventually ALL dried up and looks dead. What happened to this lovely plant? Any ideas?

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It may not be dead and just suffering from drought and or lack of nutrients after many years why not cut it to the ground and feed and water it and see if it regrows?
But really need a photo to tell whats wrong with a close up of the leaves -- could it be weed killer?

11 Jul, 2015


sounds typical of overheating. prune it back to about 3ft and then water well and you should get regrowth from the roots and the lower stems.

15 Jul, 2015

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