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Been Fishin'


My mum phoned yesterday and asked if we could take her neighbours FEW fish from the pond as he’s lookin to spend some time at her majesty’s pleasure and he wanted someone to have the fish who he knew would look after them. So we agreed. Last time I saw the fish they were quite large, 3 of them about 10-12" long.
So off we went with fishing net and when we got there my husband had the shock of his life. These few fish turned out to be 14 in total and the 3 biggest one had grown. They must weigh somewhere in the region on 3-4lbs and the biggest of the lot goes a good 5lb. So we looked at the fish and then the net we had brought with us, and duly sent son home for hubby’s landing net he uses when he goes fishing.
Then I sat back and watched as they tried to catch them. The pond is not that big a certainly not big enough for the 3 big fish let alone the rest. So I watched for a while with my mum, had a good laugh, as he’d caught most of the smaller fish but the big ones keep on swimming near the pump, so he keep on getting that in the net. Eventually he cornered one big one and another one jumped into the net, which I thought was really nice of it. Then it was only the big one left. After catching the pump a few more times I walked over and removed the pump from the pond. DOH!!!! He caught it straight away.
When we got them home we floated them in the pond for about an hour until the water temps were even and they must have thought they were in heaven with so much more room to swim… But guess who’s gotta make the pond Bigger next year. That should make a good blog….. watch this space (it will be well photographed too)…LOL

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Sounds like you're going to need more than one plastic heron to guard all of those fish now!

22 Jun, 2009


Tickled pink at the mental image i have from reading this blog,you see these expert fishermen are not used to having water pumps to contend with and lets face it theres always a big one that gets away,lol...........

22 Jun, 2009


Mmmmm, lovely.
I like to see a nice pond and nice plump fish in it your 'new pond project' is something to look forward to.
When will you start ...... not that i'm hurrying you up or anything !!!!!!!

23 Jun, 2009


How do you like your chips with or without fish?

23 Jun, 2009


Free fish!!! I'd have loved to see them fishing, and trust a woman to think of removing the pump LOL!!

23 Jun, 2009


Great blog Sue,
The image of fully grown men outwitted by fish (with the memory capacity of aprox. 10 seconds) kept me chuckling for a good 10 mins. Mind you I don't think I would have thought of moving the pump and wouldn't have been to impressed with anyone who had LOL

H & K's.........Ian

27 Jun, 2009


Well Ian I don't think they were impressed either, but not one said a word! lol. By the way welcome to GOY.

28 Jun, 2009


Thank you sweety, Its second time round for me and GoY we appear to have had an on/off relationship LOL

In my last comment I said it kept me chuckling for ten mins, I meant to say 10 seconds HeHe.

H & K's............Ian

28 Jun, 2009

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