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Been Fishin' again.....


There was no lying in bed this morning, up at the crack of dawn (well 6 o’clock). We were on a mission. As we recently acquired a lot of fish for our pond and they are some what larger than ours we never realised how much muck was at the bottom of our pond. We have never fully drained it but after a couple of weeks with these fish swimming around the pond it was quite murky and we couldn’t see the fish anymore.
Right problem 1, where do we put the fish while we clean the pond. A paddling pool. A nice bright blue one, bought from the pound shop yesterday. The man in there did mention that my kids were a little bit big for this pool, but I assured him they would be quite safe if we kept an eye on them. LOL

Problem 2. getting fish from pond to paddling pool. Get husband (expert fisherman)
REMOVE PUMP FROM POND…..bobs your uncle all fish in pool.

Put the pump back in and pumped most water out then had to use my vax to clean the rest out. The bottom smelt like bad eggs, it was awful. I’m glad I wasn’t as close as my hubby.

Went in to make a coffee and when I came out hubby was having a lie down and I thought poor love smell must have been too much or he’s having a quick kip while I was gone. But it was neither, he just couldn’t reach…(well that’s his story and he’s sticking to it).

That didn’t work either so he decided to get in the pool. NOW…. being a fisherman with waders do you think he wore them…..don’t be silly if you thought yes, he just got in with his trainers on. they looked really nice when the got out. all thick black sludge clinging to them and the bottom of his jeans and then casually asks if I could put them in the washing machine. I won’t go into exact detail but I said no in a roundabout way. LOL.

But the pond looks nice and we can see the fish again. And tomorrow we are shopping for new trainers….LOL.

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Love this blog Sue :))

Happy fishies now too :))))

5 Jul, 2009


Nice one Sue...Looks quite agile your "old man" :))

5 Jul, 2009


He does well for his age. LOL

5 Jul, 2009


So many memories come flooding back Sue from the last time we had to clean out our pond. The smell you describe is like no other urg!!! What starts out as an idea soon turns into a "job you wished you'd never started". LOL The fish look like they are getting ready to leap back in at any moment too. What are men like? LOL Mine usually has a nice white top on before he starts to do the messiest jobs there are and then wonders why his best top has been consigned to the 'rag bag'. Loved your story and pics well done. Sue

5 Jul, 2009


Great blog, Sue :o)

I guess hubby's jeans and trainers can now be washed in the paddling pool. Lol..

5 Jul, 2009


What an expert! I was a bit worried whenb his head disappeared in that last pic. Did he emerge again Sue????

Good job all round, Great blog!

5 Jul, 2009


Yes he came back up again. What I didn't get a photo of was him nearly slipping into the pond when it was full. LOL. I had taken my camera back inside.

5 Jul, 2009


Good blog Sue. Hubby sounds like a mug to me, but then aren't we all for a woman.

5 Jul, 2009


You might not have been permitted to post that picture if it had happened!

5 Jul, 2009


Well done, hubby, and well done to take all the photos! :-)

5 Jul, 2009


lovely blog

5 Jul, 2009


I hope the fish appreciate all your ( and husband's ) hard work :o)

6 Jul, 2009

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