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In the dark.


Well what a week we’ve had here. Most of you will have heard on the news about the power cuts we had forced on us by some mindless idiots who decided to vandalise our power station and left about 100,000 people without electricity from 12.45 on Monday afternoon and all for the sake of trying to steel a bit of copper.
Thanks to them I have lost two fish and have been up at 4 in the morning trying to keep some air in the water. All the fish were gasping at the top of the pond and at one stage I thought I might lose all of them but luckily only two of the smaller ones died.
Tony rigged up a pump to pump air into the water from his old tyre inflator but we could only run it 10 mins at a time but it helped along with flooding the pond with fresh water, but the air every hour seemed to do the trick.
I would dearly love to get my hand on the people responsible and maybe plug them into the national grid, or maybe starve them of air so they suffer just enough like my fish did.
Being at work was even more fun in the pitch black of our shop. still we all rallied round and got through it and we opened our shop again today in Bexleyheath but our Dartford store is still closed as they have no power.
The kids made me laugh. They had a network of friends, and every time the power was off at ones house they all went to another ones house in a different area where the power had just come back on. They don’t let anything come between them and their playstations/xbox.

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What a horrible thing to do sue,your poor wee fish,thank god most survived,with the great effort from yourself & family they never think of the hardship they cause,put the culprits on slow boat to china see if they like it!!!!!

23 Jul, 2009


It's about time we stopped all this political correctness and gave these mindless morons some old fashioned punisment and I'm just the one to administer it. Trouble is I would end up inside and the real criminals would probably sue me with the blessing of all the lilly livered liberals who have nothing between their ears except fantasy land.

23 Jul, 2009


you were lucky with the fish as its usually the big ones that die first as they have the biggest oxygen needs.

23 Jul, 2009


ooh those nasty b##***s
thay dont think of anyone but themselves
sorry to hear about your poor fish
such a shame

x x

23 Jul, 2009


So sorry to hear this news.Spot on Toto...........

23 Jul, 2009


Sorry to hear this Sue, I'm with Toto and BB on this ....

23 Jul, 2009


ah Sue what a bunch of idiots.
im so sorry you lost some of your fish

23 Jul, 2009

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