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A Walk in Beachhurst Park


By sueb


Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk in the park where I used to play as a child. It’s the first time I have been there since 1974 I was pleased to see the park was still their but was shocked to see many of the big trees had been chopped down. A large council office block that looks more like a swanky hotel stands in the centre of the park,
Nevertheless, what saddened me most was the fact that a beautiful big tree had been chopped off to enhance the view across the valley from the council office balcony.

Walking in the park was lovely and bought back some happy memories used to walk in this park with OH when we first “going out together “ and although the bench was long gone where we stopped for a not so quick kiss we did mark the spot with a small pile of conkers! I think the children playing football up against the council office wall thought we must have been mad scrabbling about under the trees for conkers and piling them up in the far corner. I hope the park is still their for them when they get to my age.

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I love that you marked your special spot with conkers. lol It's nice to relive these memories and sad when we see treasured places 'modified' and lovely features disappearing (i.e. the large tree you mention).

10 Oct, 2010


I agree! The placing of the conkers was a great idea! It is sad when old trees are lost.......the park looks nice though, and you will always have your lovely memories.:))

10 Oct, 2010


Ah that's lovely Sue, how's sad that places change from when we were younger.memories eh.!!

10 Oct, 2010


Thanks for your kind comments. I have just added another photo of the chopped tree! poor thing :0(

10 Oct, 2010


A lovely walk down memory lane Sue....Its dreadful that tree was cut down.....if it was you or I....we would have been prosecuted!!

I too think the conker pile was a lovely idea :-)))

10 Oct, 2010


Your right Amblealice I should have taken a photo from the other direction and It would have made more sense to everyone. As for the conkers.... we are a couple of old softies lol!

10 Oct, 2010


That must have been a nice walk for you. Did you have another kiss where the old bench used to be, for old times sake ? lol - no don't answer that :o) It's not my business, but I think I would have lol

Pitty about the office block.
It isn't only today they do things like that though. In Swansea a big office block was built in the 1930s where a nice park used to be by the sea. It's very ugly in my opinion, and it would have been better to leave the park alone.

10 Oct, 2010


What a shame about the tree Sueb.

13 Oct, 2010


I agree it is a shame about the tree. They might have taken it right down and hollowed it to use as a planter or was it dead before they cut it into this weird shape. I wonder if they are planning to have a tree sculpturer make it in to something more interesting. They cannot steal your memories anyway.

10 Jan, 2011

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