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"What's All This Stuff You've Got In Pots" He Said...


By sueb


More colours appearing in the garden every morning I love this time of year.

More pictures from my garden

Market buys £2.50 each!

What’s all this stuff in pots asked my OH yesterday as he limped restlessly down the garden towards my greenhouse.(He’s feeling sorry for himself he had a knee operation on Wednesday and has to keep going for little walks ) Those my dear are plants things to look at and things to eat. I could see from the disapproving look on his face something else was coming “Why have you got so much crammed in here you don’t need that many.” To keep me happy and out of your study dear I said. He grumbles something
unrepeatable and hobbled off back to his books. I just smiled at him and carried on planting more pots of "Stuff’!
Have a good gardening weekend.

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thats a great blog ~ made me laugh!! i put it on my favourites to cheer me up!!
lovely photos too ~ how did you do those purple borders?

28 May, 2011


great blog, sounds loike my OH who knows or cares little about gardening, but is happy to leave me too it..

28 May, 2011


Great bargains there Sue. And lots of food too. I'm sure he thinks you are very clever really. It is a lovely blog but lots of work for you looking after them all summer.

28 May, 2011


i read this out to my OH ~ he poked me!! i think he could recognise himself!!
have you thought of writing a book or at the very least a magazine article sueb?? i like your style!!

28 May, 2011


Had to laugh Sue. :o)
What is the yellow flower under Market buys 2.50 please. Not the Gaillardia but the other yellow.

28 May, 2011


Thank you for your lovely comments you all make me smile :0)

Sticki ~ Lol!! Pleased I made you laugh, the borders are created in Picasa it's a free to download program and very easy to use it has to be for me!!
Write a book ...write a book!!!!! Are you mad woman!!! writing a blog take hours of fine preparation sweat and tears ...A BOOK .... Stickitoffee had a sugar overload write a book!

Mad ~ OH is a bit of a boffin into Finite Element something or other at the moment. The other woman in his life Orible Ursula as I call her (Open University)takes up most of his time but he does do the big jobs I can't do....under duress or if I take his books away!

Scotsgran ~ I am going to the market again next week to see if I can find lots more goodies :0)

Hi Gilli ~ How are you? Missed our chats nice to see you back. The yellow plant is Lysimachia punctata. :0)

28 May, 2011


I'm doing alright Sue thank you. How are you? I've missed GoY and all the lovely chats too.
Of course, Yellow Loosestrife. I thought it might be but I wasn't sure. Have you grown it before? I have heard that it can be a bit invasive. It's lovely though. :o)

30 May, 2011

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