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Starting The '09 veg patch


By sunday


Entry Two

As you all know, I am really determined to step up the level of my gardening.

I am a novice gardener, but I still managed to grow veg last year, mainly in containers. I’m gonna grow again this yr in containers, but if money allows, I would like to buy or erect a raised bed, that will be situated on the patio in my back yard.
I have read other peoples comments re: square foot gardening, and being one who doesn’t like to miss out…

Anyway, today I bought some seed potatoes from wilkinsons. 1.5kg for £3.00. The variety I bought was rocket, but now I’m wondering if I should have bought Arran, suggestions please!
To be quite honest, I was in the shop for so long deliberating over what to buy and what not to, I felt like they may see me as a ‘strange woman’. I felt like I had to buy something so it may as well be my early potatoes. Which are by the way in my cupboard under the stairs, in the hope some lovely long shoots will develop.

I also bought three garlics for £2.00, which I am gonna plant over the weekend. I was speaking to another customer in the shop, {well I just sort of pounce on whoever looks like they know what they are doing…}, and she said that they could be planted now, as the frost will do them no harm…
I would really appreciate advice before planting this weekend please!

My next purchase will be the potatoe planter bags from the above mentioned shop, as they are three 40L bags for £3.99, which I feel is a really good price.

That’s all for now folks.

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Good luck with your potatoes.
I tried some in old compost bags a few years ago . I didn't use seed potatoes but I just used old ones from the vegetable rack that had started to sprout. I had good success.
Last year I tried some seed potatoes in big tubs and had nothing atall. - Maybe it was the bad weather. I'm going to try again this year. - I hope we get better weather .
Let us know how you get on :o)

23 Jan, 2009


I love the idea of you pouncing on anybody that looks as if they know something about gardening , the garlic should be alright to plant anytime up to March , we put ours in before Christmas it over winters fine and is already a couple of inches high .
The potatos really depend on what you want to use them for ... mashing ,chipping etc. We have had Rocket for the last 10yrs. it,s a good early variety . I would take them out of the dark cupbaord because it encourages too long thin white roots ... keep them in a cool lightish place , we put ours in a spare bedroom ...........
Good luck .......

23 Jan, 2009


you keep right on pouncing, Sunday!
I do that sometimes too, and you pick up some good tips and ideas.

23 Jan, 2009


Good luck with your potatoes.

23 Jan, 2009


I don't grow vegetables, except tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse, but I do wish you success with yours. There are loads of members who can give you advice - but not me, I'm afraid!

23 Jan, 2009

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