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A Change is a Good Thing!


For a long time I have been very much against changing anything in our garden, I loved it as it was, lots of hedges for the birds and my pots in the middle. Sadly the hedges were starting to split and a couple of bushes have suddenly died so I decided it was time. Better to be in charge of the change as leave it too late.

So we’ve cut back a whole heap of hedging, leaving the top layer for now at least, for the birds, as that’s where they fly in and out of and find shelter.

I thought I would at least have to get used to the difference but to be honest I absolutely love it. We can see the birds and mice more, we can see the sun light shining through and we now have far more space.

I think the lovely sunny weather is making it a lot easier, and the amount of colour in my pots, but we’ve decided to go for it even more and change all sides of the garden over the next few months. We’re even thinking of a small summerhouse so we can see the garden from in there, on the chillier days, which here in the NE will be back for sure!

The Old Hedge which was splitting….

The New Look Hedge. We will be adding more new hedging here over time, evergreen bird friendly types like Pyracantha which we have put in this week.

The opposite side with most of my pots.

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that is a good renovation sunnydias. We don't often realise how much a hedge spreads and 'eats' into the garden.

9 Jul, 2018


Its grand when ou make a change and know it was the right one! Your pots are very attractive.

9 Jul, 2018


It's good to cut things back. They grow better after a good cut, and there's more room and light too, as you say.

10 Jul, 2018


You are all so right about a good cut being best, we are now thinking of small evergreen bushes, just one or two, to sit in front of the hedge. Maybe holly, something about 2 foot high and roundish?

11 Jul, 2018


Your garden is very colourful, and the alterations you are making are very nice. Good luck with future progress.

30 Jul, 2018


Wow it certainly opened it up Sunnydais, sometimes, although we don't want to alter things it reaches a point whereby you just have to, then. like you we actually like the outcome, wish we'd done the job sooner...

12 Aug, 2018

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