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November Flowers


November seems to be taking it’s time this year, going slowly, weather wise it has been mild and calm. The garden still has lots of lovely blooms who simply aren’t ready to stop flowering.

Our Cosmos have grown silly tall this year and took ages to flower but that has worked well, as we now have them fresh and bright, these ones have just opened this week.

I adore plain old fashioned wild daisies, I don’t even know their proper name. But I have tons of them coming through the pavement, and in the hedges. They come themselves but I love to help out by cutting the old stems and shaking them like crazy wherever there is a gap. They are so bright and cheery with beautiful foliage and flowers and of course even though I’ve had them for years, they’ve never cost a penny.

This Malva is from last year, I wasn’t sure it would come and kind of stuck it in a back corner, (as I do), it flowered all summer and is still at it – again it brightens the garden even from a distance.

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Love your Malva, our Cosmos also grew to 6’ (madness), and your little daisy might be Erigeron.

18 Nov, 2018


daisy type flower looks like Chrysanthemum parthenium common name feverfew/bachelors buttons. I let it self seed and just weed out the ones I don't want.

the mallow is lovely. My cosmos didn't come to anything this year.

18 Nov, 2018


Another bit of 'madness' in the garden which I didn't show, but do have photos of, are Dutch Iris bulbs shooting through in two of my pots. I only planted them less than a month ago, I'm not sure they should be showing yet!

Names like bachelors buttons fascinate me, looking the name up it seems it is also for the cornflower which is another favourite flower of mine but I sadly don't have those in the amount I have daisies.

We have two puddycats, one is Daisy and her brother Sunny so we're always surrounded by flowers and sunshine!

Shame about your cosmos Seaburngirl - they are so pretty, but there's always next year!

18 Nov, 2018


It's nice to have flowers in November …
I agree with Seaburngirl, the little daisy is Feverfew. I used to make sandwiches of the leaves many years ago because I'd heard it was good for migraine sufferers. They're very bitter :(

18 Nov, 2018


my dutch iris are about 4 inches tall and they tend to do this every year so nothing to worry about Sunnydias.

18 Nov, 2018


That's good to know Seaburngirl!

19 Nov, 2018


Did the feverfew work Hywel - if so I could probably start a sandwich making business.......the amount I have.

19 Nov, 2018


I planted some Feverfew years ago for that reason but it spread around so much it had to go. It is reliably pretty though.
Sunnydais those Cosmos must be record breakers! I hope a giant doesn't climb down them!

19 Nov, 2018


It didn't work at the time but I haven't had severe headaches since the 70s.

19 Nov, 2018


Good news about the lack of migraines Hywel and yes Steragram, I'm very proud of the cosmos. I have another bigger batch, all of them in pots or troughs, and even now I'm still having to water them. They are all at least six feet tall. They are so cheery!

19 Nov, 2018

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