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Crawling out of hibernation............


It’s been a while since I had anything to show or write about but now that the mornings and evenings are lighter, and it is a tad warmer, I am crawling back out into the garden…….there’s not a lot of colour yet but all my bulbs are looking good and strong – especially the tulips.

I spent January making flowers of a different kind, which was fun, and wallpapering (which wasn’t so much fun but it’s all done now so I can get out and play!)

Now I have a few real flowers to share and I’ve done quite a bit of pot tidying in the nice weather.

Most of my time out there again is spent trying to remember what in the heck some plants actually are……I do write it all down, honest I do! Problem being I write things like, ‘planted a Gay Feather, in a round pot’……….honestly…….I am convinced at the time I will remember which ‘round pot’……….!

I did number them years ago – may have to start that again……

One sad point I would like to share, with Spring around the corner, thinking of baby birds, and mice…..which I have mentioned here before as we have half a dozen in the garden.

I have three watering cans, which I use to top up the bird baths. I always leave water in them to be sure they don’t blow around in the wind. The other day we found a poor wee mouse which must have gotten in to one of them somehow and drowned.

I now have large pebbles over the tops, to try and prevent baby birds falling in or mice climbing inside. There are enough natural dangers in the garden without adding extra for the poor mites.

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Your flowers are very pretty what are they made from plastic paper? Your Iris s look lovely and a lot coming up in all those pots.
I hope you get a method of finding out what plants you have as they flower this year. I would number the pots lol and flowering time winter spring summer and autumn.

23 Feb, 2019


Never mind. Just relax and wait to see what appears. At the moment I haven't a clue what my Other Half has planted. I shall welcome whatever pops up!

23 Feb, 2019


So glad you didn't include a photo or the poor wee mouse. We can't foresee every hazard can we?

23 Feb, 2019


The mouse was a very awful experience which I'm afraid the OH had to cope with.......wimp that I am......

I have to admit I kinda like the surprise of trying to figure out which plant is which and I never throw anything out until it's been identified but I will try to be more organised this year........

The flowers are simply three round pieces of paper folded back and forth, to make three sets of petals, then stuck together with glue or tape. Easy peasey but very cheery.

I had a try at origami but found it very frustrating - nothing looked like it was supposed to - so googled 'how to make paper flowers' and this idea looked far better. The origami paper was perfect to use though as it had lovely colours and patterns.

24 Feb, 2019


Yes very cheerfull thank you for letting me know. Origami always seem straight edge to me these are far nicer.

24 Feb, 2019


You’re very talented - I love the paper flowers:)

24 Feb, 2019


Thank you Sheilabub, I only like quick and easy crafts, and those flowers are very satisfying to do.

24 Feb, 2019


I'm terrible at labelling & record keeping too, there's already pots on the windowsill that I'm not sure about...
I saw a nice idea, on the Instructables website I think, that works well for containers. You just paint the plant name on a pebble & pop it in the corner or wherever. You could make it as fancy as you want.
Your photos have definitely made me want more containers for my dull, grey paved area!

26 Feb, 2019


I like that idea Darren8 - I have lots of pebbles I could use for sure. I like to paint pebbles too so that's a very good solution to try! Containers are perfect for covering up bare areas, come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials, and look nice all year round even when empty. And you can move them around as needed.

27 Feb, 2019

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