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Just a quick recommendation.


I’m sure you all have but if anyone hasn’t already tried Siculum Honey Lily (Nectaroscordum) bulbs, I just want to say buy some when the bulbs come on sale.

It’s our first year of trying them and they are gorgeous and absolute Bee Magnets – they are literally humming with happiness. Will soon be putting a photo blog up (when time allows) – too busy enjoying watching the bees, babybirds and flowers blooming!

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That's a good recommendation. They are fascinating bulbs, not only are the flowers a bit different, but when they are pollinated the flowers turn to point upwards!

11 Jun, 2019


I love these bulbs. they are also being sold under Allium bulgarica siculum. There is a photo of a 10yr old clump in my recent blog.

Recommend them too. when the flowers go over the dead flower heads stand upright making id buds and spent flowers easy.

11 Jun, 2019


So is it best to deadhead them, then leave the leaves to die back - as in tulips?

11 Jun, 2019


Agree they are fantastic, got some the other year and this year in the allotment garden whilst rushing around and pulling out some grass I snapped the stems, so annoying.

11 Jun, 2019


In light soils, they will self sow almost to the point of being a weed

11 Jun, 2019


they tend to lose their leaves before the flowers open. the dead flowers make attractive seed head decoration. some people spray them gold/silver as table decorations.

11 Jun, 2019


I shall do what I always do with 'new to me' plants, leave them well alone, til they don't look good, then I'll decide -ha-ha!
If they look good they stay, and if they self seed they'll truely be a good buy! They are in a pot so not a problem.
Thank you all!

12 Jun, 2019


They are very pretty but they seed themselves all about the place in my garden and I have to keep pulling them up.

15 Jun, 2019

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