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Three New to Me Plants


Thanks to GOY helping to identify a plant I saw while on holiday in Greece, I managed to find a beautiful version of a Gaura, my first time of trying one in the garden.

Also, one I’ve heard of but hadn’t bought before is this lovely Crocosmia.

Last of three newbies, is a beautiful Purple Salvia, which the bees are loving. You can just see it, beside this bee on a butterfly bush bloom, showing her small pollen basket on her hindleg.

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Nice color. Hope it brings you years of enjoyment.

6 Aug, 2019


I go off crocosmias most of the year and then when they flower all is forgiven - agree the yellow one is a winner. I have mine next to a red Berberis. Is it George Davidson?
Your Gaura is so dainty - like a stem full of butterflies!

6 Aug, 2019


Yes a George Davidson, I love the bright firework kind of colour it has. Most of the garden is pink/purple this year, (not planned), so it's standing out a bit, but who cares, it's dainty and pretty. All that matters.

6 Aug, 2019


Mine's mostly pinks too, to due to lots of self sown snapdragons, and I like the effect of the yellow - seems to lift things.

7 Aug, 2019


All three are gorgeous, my yellow crocosmia are not flowering yet, I'm s'posed to have Pauls Best Yellow, Buttercup and George Davidson, like Stera I do have times when they annoy me but that frame of mind disappears when they are glowing at this time of the year, your salvia looks great next to the buddhlia, the gaura is a pretty one but unfortunately a nogo in my garden...Smiled at your not "planned comment"., I plan in my mind all through the winter, it rarely happens though, I find a gap and have to plant something in it, when I get a good combination it's more likely to have been a very satisfying accident but its my garden and I love my colours....

12 Aug, 2019


All three new plants (and the butterfly bush) are all in pots so I'm really pleased at how they're doing.

13 Aug, 2019


Snap Sunnydais. I too bought a Gaura but mine is very pale pink. I have C.George Davidson and C.Emily MacKenzie. Neither are showing signs of any flowers yet but C.Firejumper is its usual bright and breezy self. Steragram sent me C. lucifer which were not happy and I thought they had died. She sent me a second lot which have done really well. They are totally finished flowering now which extends the season nicely. Your purple salvia is a good neighbour for your buddleia. The bees and butterflies have been very busy on our buddleias.

22 Aug, 2019


Three gorgeous plants - and you could get more! The pretty Gaura will seed itself, and it’s very easy to take cuttings of the Salvia (is it S. Amistad?).

23 Aug, 2019


Yes Sheilabub - it is brand new apparently and says this.

Salvia Rockin' Deep Purple is, basically, a short and bushy version of the popular hybrid Salvia ‘Amistad’ that’s more suitable for small spaces.

23 Aug, 2019


You chose well Sunny 🙂.

24 Aug, 2019

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