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Well believe it or not, it’s that time of year again, yes Expensive-mas is Coming!!!

So, in order to save both money and paper/card, and fill in the darker afternoons, I’m making Magazine Trees and Christmas Card Light Decorations.

Both are real easy to do and very relaxing too. Perfect for young and old alike.

For the trees, any magazine will work but the thicker paper ones are best, those small magazines that you get free from supermarkets work very well. Lots of videos on youtube as to how to do them but basically they are easy easy easy.

For the cards, any old cards you have, make pin holes in appropriate places and pop a white or colour changing battery tea light, inside the taped together card.

Anyone have any other similar ideas????

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We always had home made decorations when I was little, lanterns and paper chains mostly. They looked a bit clumsy but were our own creations :)
I used to make spheres out of old Christmas cards cut into circles with a pinking scissors, and stuck together. I can't explain how to make them - I can't remember. They were very pretty when a few were hung up together …

Your home made decorations are very pretty. Why spend lots of money on bought ones when you can have your own creations.
Next year after I get my pottery making equipment up and running again I hope to make some things for Christmas lol we'll see how they turn out !! :D

It's good to be creative.

17 Nov, 2019


It is amazing what one can do with junk, sunnydais. This year the Trefoil Guild I belong to have created an entry for West Wycombe Christmas Tree Festival. This year all the decorations on the trees are being made from recycled materials. We have made decorations using old,Christmas cards, plastic cups, old curtain rings, ring pull tin lids, surplus Guide fun badges, buttons ... you name it we've diverted it on its way to the rubbish bin and tried it! We even came across a collection of old baubles and painted our names on them to add a personal touch ;-) We were a tad daunted at first because the tree is 6' tall, but we set to and had a hilarious time making the decorations, and managed to adequately cover it. We'll be setting it up in the church tomorrow afternoon. The church will be selling cuppas and cakes to visitors and a collection box will be on hand too.

1 Dec, 2019


Xela - that is a fantastic idea - do you have a photo? It sounds like something everyone would like to see.
I am about to share another cheap and cheery idea of using simple stuff to make colourful decorations. One of my major grumbles is about Advent Calendars and how today it is all about 'chocolate'. I always try to use everything left over from last year to make this year's decorations and/or things that come through the letterbox, store adverts etc. Let me know what you think of my latest blog later today.

I think the very best thing is having fun and it sounds like you really managed that! Well done.

2 Dec, 2019


I do have photos, Sunnydais, hopefully at the weekend I'll have some time spare to put together a blog about it, thank you for your encouraging words. I agree about chocolate and Advent Calendars these days. We use an advent calendar with little drawers at home so we can vary the favours, rather like the Christmas crackers I try to make too. For the Trefoil Guild's Christmas Dinner we have made favour boxes filled with seeds this year, harvested from our Committee's gardens. We use them as place-cards, having added the members' names to the boxes with a reminder of what they have chosen from the menu too . I can't wait to see their faces this year and hear the comments ;-)

4 Dec, 2019


That sounds wonderful, I thought with my 'really easy' advent idea, people would be able to personalise, with their own photos, family, nature, holidays etc or even use pictures of their favourite flowers, either from gardening magazines or their own garden photos. The ideas are endless really depending on people and their interests.

I'd love to be at your Christmas Dinner - having recently been to a wedding, the reminder of what you ordered is very welcome!!!

4 Dec, 2019

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