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Just a note for anyone thinking of mowing the lawn, if you normally take the cuttings to the tip, along with anything else, our local one is closed, you can check online for your own area.

We weren’t sure if it would class as essential but ours is marked as closed for sure. The birds/bees will enjoy long grass for a while anyway!

Have a lovely day and be careful out there!

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ours is closed too. so are the charity shops sadly just as daughter starts clearing out cupboards of her teenage treasures!

26 Mar, 2020


Apparently the green bin collections may be stopped too but not confirmed yet.

26 Mar, 2020


Closed here too.
I have been filling old compost bags with things I'm cutting back and weeds but I'll have to keep them somewhere until things get back to normal. I fear I will have lots by then.

26 Mar, 2020


Our garden waste bins are not being emptied either. Too many council recycling men are off sick at present

26 Mar, 2020


Our green bin collection was reinstated this week, such a relief as the weeds have been prolific, especially speedwell and bindweed; probably not alone in running out of garden rubbish bags and places to store them. The local dump / recycling centre has re-opened too but expect the queues to use it will be horrendous, we have all been decluttering at such a rate! :-) Rather hoping my youngsters will do a dump run sometime soon though, our load is cluttering up the place somewhat Lol!!!

14 May, 2020


It's nice that there are a few 'normal' things coming back into all of our worlds - it's the simple things that make a difference!

We slowed down on our declutter - I also made a pair of curtains which I was going to give to the recycling, into four cushion covers - gave me something to do on the chilly days too so it was a win win!

15 May, 2020

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