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Just a few photos as it’s a little too chilly today for planting or sowing.

These are supposed to be Double Late Blue Spectacle but they look pretty purple to me, and they bend their heads, but I do like them.

Never had Charlotte Bishop Ipheion Uniflorum before but they are quite sweet.

The white Muscari are now on show and I really like these with the blue.

We bought this one last year, it had more flowers then but they are higher up now so we can see them better through the window which is nice. Clematis Cartmanii Avalanche

This is a single Mount Everest Allium which I planted in 2017, but early in March I added my Kitte Blue Aubretia to the pot to stop it being boring and I kinda like it. It’s silly tall but as long as the Aubretia is still in flower when the Allium comes out I might get away with it……

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Wow, your Late Blue Spectacles are fantastic!

27 Apr, 2020


Those Spectacles are gorgeous lovely garden flowers you have.

27 Apr, 2020


lovely flowers but don't you find the name 'blue....' can often mean a purple instead. Just think about the rose Blue moon! Same with blacks isn't it.

that allium is massive look forward to seeing a photo when it opens Sunnyd.
the Clematis is so pretty and as you say easier to see from the window.
are they dwarf Nasturtiums you are growing? they look strong and healthy.

28 Apr, 2020


They are Whirlybird Nasturtiums Mixed which I started indoors in February. They got leggy, so I put them into a deep pot outside, at the end of March, and they've held in so far. They were in one of those Bee Attracting Mixed packs of seeds

You're right about colours Seaburngirl, I'm not sure that we all see colours the same anyway, my OH is colour blind and can't see red on green which means he never sees the berries. I try to buy the brightest colours possible so he can see more!

Glad you all like the tulips!

28 Apr, 2020


I have a blue purple deficiency so that has always been a problem so I understand what you mean.

28 Apr, 2020

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