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It’s a bit of a ‘get what you can’ and ‘be glad you kept what you did’ kind of year, so far anyway, but no doubt we’ll see how it goes as the weeks go by.

This Gypsophila Pixie Splash is from 2018, it always looks poorly and raggy until it flowers, so I’m glad I kept it.

I was worried last year’s Pink Nemesia, which I loved and was a first timer for me, wouldn’t bloom very well, after a winter outdoors, so I grabbed this one on a supermarket shopping trip.

But then of course the Pink version thought ‘Oh well I had better wake up too’!

I have no idea how old these Poppies are but they are one of my absolute favourites in the whole garden, the colour is stunning and I just couldn’t be without their cheeriness.

I was short on Pelagonium plants last year, too busy buying other stuff, so I only have one left from last year which hasn’t flowered yet, so on another shopping supermarket dash I picked these ones up.

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yes we have to take what we can when we get the chance. your orange poppy is an annual so it is self seeding Looks like the Californian poppy Escholtzia .
My neighbour never took his pelargoniums in from last year and they are in full flower and looking stunning.

Nemesia are such lovely plants too. I need to get some more to add to my mangers.

21 May, 2020


I'm pleased some of your old pals are still with you and flowering nicely :) I always try to keep plants over winter too, with varying degrees of success, and it's exciting when they come back into growth the following spring :)

22 May, 2020


Yes it certainly is a "be glad it overwintered" sort of spring
and its nice to see what's survived . My nemesias didn't make it this year. I thought they had but when I looked closer the little plants were wretched euphorbias...

My most surprising survivor is a slightly double pot marigold that is now in full flower for its third year.
I thought your orange poppies were Welsh poppies but Escholzias are just as nice. When I was very small I used to be allowed in next doors garden to take the"nightcaps" off. (truth to tell I'm not above taking them off nowadays...)
One of my hardy fuchsias is amazingly full of flower buds and its still only May!

We had a couple of hours of heavy rain in the night - so very welcome!

22 May, 2020


We are in the middle of very gusty winds of around 50 mph so I'm hoping all our tying and staking keeps everything safe. I'd like some rain too but not until the winds die down which isn't til Sunday....if only you could order the weather on demand!

22 May, 2020


I agree with you about gypsophilia, as ours also looks very sorry for itself until the pretty little flowers appear!

These winds have been really strong today and are with us all day tomorrow too, so let's hope they don't cause any damage.

22 May, 2020

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