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some of my grass collection.


Anyone that knows me will know i am a bit of a grass nut, my specialization was Orchids i used to grow a huge collection which when i got married and moved to a different house i donated them to a Orchid growing friend of mine that was just starting his.

although i do still grow them the normal Phals and Cymb, Dendrobiums and a few other, i have come to love grasses more.. bit of a difference i know so here is just a few of my grasses, all but a couple have been from seed as i love the challenge.

i know this may not be to everyones taste so don’t feel you have to look at this but i appreciate you stopping by.

This was my first grass of the collection proper name is Isolepis cernua or common is fiber optic grass.

Always a lovely on is this, Stipa Tenuissima also called Angels hair grass or pony tail grass.

My girls Favourite is this Lagurus Ovatus also Bunny tail grass.

like this for hight and structure carex buchananii red rooster also called leatherleaf Sedge.

carex brunnea ‘Jenneke’ also called the greater brown sedge.

Carex Brunnea ‘Variegata’ also called Golden Edged Sedge and is ever green.

Carex Testacea i love the way this glows in the sunlight also called the orange New Zealand Sedge.

Carex Pendula or weeping Sedge, a lovely hanging seed head but keep an eye on it as it’s a spreader..

pennisetum glaucum ‘purple majesty’ or Pearl Millet another beauty..

pennisetum rubrum fireworks or Red Fountain Grass, treat as a tender it doesn’t like wet feet either.

Juncus decipiens ‘Curly-wurly’ normal name is Corkscrew Rush.

Carex Coman Amazon Mist, a lovely soft green.

oryza sativa ‘Black Madras’ ornamental rice, and as a rice it needs plenty of water so i have it in my natural bog area.

Briza Maxima or the Greater Quaking Grass love this when it goes golden like this.

ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens or Black Grass.

Carex Coman ‘Bronco’ or the New Zealand Hair Grass.

Festuca Glauca ‘Elijah’ or Blue Fescue.

Festuca Glauca Festina also called Blue Fescue.

Hordeum Jubatum or squirrel tail grass.

Briza Media or the Perennial Quaking Grass..

melica altissima ‘atropurpurea’ also dark purple siberian melic.

pennisetum macrourum or the African feather grass..

phalaris arundinacea or reed canary grass, from Homebird it’s growing lovely now.

Stipa arundinacea or pheasant tail grass bit hard to see the lovely seed heads here.

pennisetum messiacum red buttons another fountain grass, this hasn’t got it’s red colour yet..

Setaria macrostachya ‘Will Scarlet’ or the large spike bristle grass, lovely this..

Sorghum Nigrum the black millet, although this hasn’t got it’s ripe black colour yet.

seed heads from Stipa Gigantea of giant feather grass.

Stipa Elegantissima also Australian needle grass, very simila to angel hair grass this has started to die back now.

Stipa Pulcherrima or golden feather grass, lovely grass this i will post the seed head when it’s large enough.

leymus arenarius, or Sea Lyme Grass should seed next year as it’s only a year old.

altough not a grass i thought i’d add it, this is Banded horsetail reed, or Equisetum fluvitale.

Right i think i’ve torchered you all enough now i do have more but if you’ve made it this far then give yourself a pat on the back and have a nice hot cuppa….

thanks for looking..

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Extremely useful blog SL. You've a smashing selection.
Makes a real change to see such a variety. Much better than the usual selection that is available in the GCs.
Thanks for showing us :)

22 Sep, 2013


Thanks Scottish I appreciate it :-)

22 Sep, 2013


A comprehensive collection as I have seen, have added to favorites as I can never remember the names of most of them

22 Sep, 2013


You have some fantastic grasses SL.....have you ever visited Knoll gardens in Wimborne Minster,Dorset? Great borders including lots of grasses and a grasses nursery with plants for sale!

22 Sep, 2013


i do not know you well but i know you like grasses because you have mentioned it and i can see by the selection of grasses seen here in your blog!!!!! that you certainly have a fine selection (collection) and quite colourful....

from jane.

22 Sep, 2013


They all look great, I especially like the Briza Maxima, it looks amazing. I've never really tried grasses, but I might try next year.

22 Sep, 2013


I'm coming to like grasses more since seeing them in your blogs :o) There are several here I wouldn't mind having ...
Interesting :o)

22 Sep, 2013


Thanks Brian glad you liked it. :-)

Cheers Paul, no I've not been there, I will have to pop in there on my way to see my brother next in Plymouth..

Thanks Jane, yes love my grasses :-)

Thanks Lijemc if there's anything here that you like let me know and I can send you some seed, the briza maxima is really easy to grow.

Thanks Hywel, if there's anything you want let me know and I'll send it to you.


22 Sep, 2013


I am also a fan of grasses....very nice collection!

22 Sep, 2013


Thanks cloudy glad you like it :-)

22 Sep, 2013


Thank you. That's very kind :o)

23 Sep, 2013


Stipa elegantissima and Pennisetum Purple Majesty are definitely my favs in a real life, although all yours are so beautiful, altogether with arrangements (stones). I once saw a row of Pennisetum Purple Majesty and it looked fantastic. I bought it, but to my disappointment, it didn t survive winter.
And because you love grasses, it reminds me one poem, from my beloved American poet Walt Whitman:

23 Sep, 2013


Your welcome Hywel :-)

Hi Snoopdog, your right about the wheat it does look nice, well done on the blueberry cuttings they are very temperamentle things to get going you've done well there.

Hi Kat, the purple majestyis only an annual plant and is very tender. I love that poem really great descriptions in it.

23 Sep, 2013


Great blog, SL! :)

I love briza maxima, the millet and all the purple ones really. I've got two pots of purple majesty in the shallows of my pond, which have just started sprouting rice
...well, about an egg-cupful, lol :)

23 Sep, 2013


Thanks Karen, lol they are a great plant the purple majesty such a nice statement I think :-)

23 Sep, 2013


The green seeds of the rice contrast beautifully with the dark leaves. Such a shame they're just annuals...

23 Sep, 2013


Great selection of grasses SL, I like your Pennisetum rubrum, beautiful colour. Carex pendula turned up in my garden a couple of years ago and I thought the arching seed heads looked great, didn't realise it would seed everywhere! My favourite grass is Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' which is much better behaved.

23 Sep, 2013


Thanks jaykaty yes pendulum can be a bit of a thug, Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' that's the very light green one isn't it with the AGM I think, a beauty it is :-)

23 Sep, 2013

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