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Stone age tools in my back garden - hip hip hooray!


I am completely over-excited. I was digging a virgin patch of clay over this morning and found these.

I am almost completely convinced that they are stone age because.

a) they are really sharp;
b) the other bits of stone around them were also really sharp quite unlike any other garden flints I’ve seen.
c) there is known to have been a stone age settlement here and artifacts have been found before.
d) Little Miss SussexSarah found one about a month back, which is a surprisingly similar style – you would guess they were all made by the same person.
e)they are quite symmetrical.

The bottom one may not look like a flint tool, but actually it fits easily in the hand (I’m showing it in the left cos I can’t manage the camera otherwise) and looks a bit like a scraper that I’ve now seen on one of the stoneage tool websites.

What on earth should I do with them? – suggestions please!

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Oh....I am intrigued...what a find. How about trying the Museum of Natural History (they should have a website)?** It may be if you have a local museum they could direct you as well as there have been other finds in your area. I assume you're looking for confirmation.

If you are wanting to know what to do with them (as in display them) I'd have them mounted in a deep glass frame with details of where/when found etc. so you could use them as your 'brag' item of interest when friends come around :)

Let us know what you find out, Sarah.

** I think I led you astray there, Sarah! :( I've found this website which might be of some help to you...

14 Mar, 2011


Could use them to cut up yer meat & veg like they did in stone age time's lol

14 Mar, 2011


OOOooooooooooh... exciting ! :o)))

Call in Time Team ...

... Phil and Tony will sort it out for you :o)

... and you might get your garden dug over as well...;o)

14 Mar, 2011


They look very convincing to me, although mother nature can do better than man.
Dig deeper. Who knows. Might find a tomb!! Lol.
Successful gardening and anything real let us know.

14 Mar, 2011


The Gold is mine if you find any

14 Mar, 2011


Fascinating - I'd be jumping for joy too!!! Can you have an expert look at them to determine if that's indeed what they are? Please let us know!!!!

14 Mar, 2011


Thanks guys - but sorry Jiffy - little Mr Sussex Sarah has already informed me that the gold is his whilst big Mr Sussex Sarah pointed out that gold tends to go into the garden rather than come out of it.
I will let you know what happens next.

15 Mar, 2011


great stuff sarah, you will find out who to inform at your local council or citizens advice i guess, or if you have a museum which deals with these things close to you, my son would love this

16 Mar, 2011


Did you get any more information about your BIG DIG, Sarah?

Found any pots of gold as you've been digging around? lol

1 Apr, 2011

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