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By swanky


I have a Terracotta Chimney and would love a nice display coming out of the top..have tried a grass but not enough umf…any ideas.I have another with Golden Broom which looks good

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Are you talking about a chimney pot you have? I'm not sure what you are asking? Why do you want something growing out of your chimney? For me, that would be a building violation.

29 Apr, 2017


A trailing fuchsia in a pot that's fitted inside the pot would look nice and be easy to remove for the winter.
(Bathgate in the UK some people buy old chimney pots to use as attractive garden ornaments - Swanky's pot is not in use on the roof!)

29 Apr, 2017


I have put frilly Pansy s and Aubretia so it trails down the pots also Violas in my smaler chimney pots which I can change once they have died off. Like Steragram said a trailing Fuchsia would be nice too.

29 Apr, 2017


Thanks for the clarification Steragram. It was the word 'Chimney' that made me wonder. I've seen your chimney pots. I'd love to get a couple.

29 Apr, 2017


Better bring an extra large suitcase when you visit the UK then!

30 Apr, 2017


I have two sort of bent chimney pots. I was given them by someone who had no idea why they were made.
Have now put some stones in the bottom, then compost and a Golden Dwarf Conifer in each one. They stand
sentinel at the top of my Alpine Rockery. Looking good.

1 May, 2017


To make things clearer i will try to download a photo..(long time since i did this,but thank's for the ideas.

1 May, 2017


Thanks for the photos and clarification. They do make a strong architectural statement. I can envision painting them vivid colors, or doing some mosaic tile work. I just don't want it falling over on somebody esp with kids & a dog running around, skating & riding bikes, football, etc.

Steragram - Can you ship me 3 tall ones and 2 short ones? Please? I'll cover all expenses! :)

1 May, 2017


Lol, they are not easy to come by Paul and we don't have any builders reclamation sites near here. You can find them on E-bay though - I dread to think of the shipping cost! There are some very attractive ones.

1 May, 2017


My suggestion would be planting canna in it.

1 May, 2017


A trailing Heuchera could make a great impact....especially one of the red/brown varieties if your chimney pot is a terracotta colour. H. Redstone Falls is a good example.

2 May, 2017

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