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Streptocarpus Update


By tanny


Streptocarpus Update.

Today I received the News Letter from Rex Dibley with information about their new creations and all about this years catalogue, this has stimulated me to bring my Streptocarpus blog up to date.
Winter is passing and my Streptocarpus have survived the snow and frost and are starting to show signs of growing. The leaf cuttings have many small plants shooting from them and will be needing planting out soon.

The small plantlets that I potted on into jiffy pots before winter are growing well. As they get bigger I plant on into four inch pots and probably later they will be planted on again.

My seeds are sprouting very well and almost to a size ready to be planted out into the prepared jiffy pots. Last week I transplanted some little seedlings of Charlotte X Blue Leyla, also four of the Neries X Iona

I seem to have quite a successful amount of seedlings from my cross pollinating experiments and even if these fail I still have many more seeds to sow. I keep the surplus seeds in small sterilized jars and hide them in a dark, dry place in the sitting room.

!http://mI brought most of the plants into the house for the winter and have them upstairs on temporary extended windowsills in the bedrooms. One group facing south east and the other group facing south west, both groups doing well.

All the pots are sitting in any old plastic food containers I could find at the time. In the base of the containers I placed a mat of old carpet in some, and capillary pieces left over from the benches in the greenhouse in others, I keep these as moist as I think the plants would like, I don’t water these plants from the top.

I managed to install a fan heater in the greenhouse just before the hard weather came and the thermostatically controlled heater keeps the temperature to a constant 10 centigrade, the old Streptocarpus plants have survived very well in there and I will soon be putting all the other plants in the greenhouse as soon as its safe to put the fuchsias and geraniums outside.

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Your plants look to be all nice and healthy....

24 Jan, 2010


They are looking good and you are going certainly going to be busy pricking all them out......

24 Jan, 2010


They are looking lovely and healthy.....wish I had the room to grow more.
I've got the newsletter too.....just off to have a browse.....I may be some

24 Jan, 2010


Great blog Tanny,thank you :) They look very happy !What are you going to do with them all ?

24 Jan, 2010


Your Streps are looking great Tanny. Can't wait to see what interesting types you get from your crosses.
I've just moved some of my seedlings around a bit in the tray to try and get them to resume growing. They sprouted well and then stopped. Hopefully the slight root disturbance will give them a boost.
I also joined the Gesneriad Society in the US and with membership came a little package of mixed gesneriad seeds. They are just starting to sprout now so I'm excited to see what types I have in there.

24 Jan, 2010


Ooh they sound nice Gilli...have just been browsing the on-line catalogue for Dibleys...the supplier over here....I want them all!!!!!
Your baby streps will be very slow growing so you will have to be patient. I look forward to the pics when they are flowering....

24 Jan, 2010


I guess this is the exciting time of the year and for me great anticipation for what strange and wonderful coloures I will get from these seedlings. Well I hope I get some different coloures but with my luck they will probably be the same as their parents. I expect every small plant will flower sometime near the end of the year, when they do you can be sure to see them here in my blogs. Thanks everyone for the comments.

24 Jan, 2010


AA....I've just been on to Dibleys and they don't ship to Canada..... :o(
Now what will I do??? <sob>

24 Jan, 2010


Great blog as always.Your plants are looking very healthy Tanny and will be good to see them in flower.

24 Jan, 2010


So sorry you cannot get any plants from Dibleys Gilli, but if you google the name, Streptocarpus you will find many web sites in America and some of their creations are magnificent, plus you will be able to get seeds and plants from them, although, with your extreme environmental conditions you might find growing them a challenge, but thats all part of the excitement of gardening. Also there are many collecters over the pond who will give you very good advice. Have a good years growing.

24 Jan, 2010


Well done, Tanny - it'll be interesting to see the flowers! :-)))

24 Jan, 2010


There are some lovely American streps....they are smaller than the ones bred over here.....I can get seed and plants via The British Streptocarpus Society...I've a fancy to start a collection of these....

24 Jan, 2010


lovely plants. I have a few at work and enjoy propagating them from leaf cuttings too.

24 Jan, 2010


Shipping Streps or AV's from the US is a tricky business too Tanny. Everything is supposed to have a phytosanitary certificate to cross the border and that costs a fortune plus there's shipping costs on top of that. If you can find someone to send them in a "plain brown wrapper" so to speak, then you run the risk of losing them at customs.
I'm going to try and make it to the International Gesneriad Convention in Vancouver in June/July and I'll hopefully be able to pick up some plants there.

25 Jan, 2010


Oh, Tanny! You have so many plants of Strepses! Looking forward to seeing them flowering...

29 Jan, 2010


lovely, everything so organised to, i will have to get my spare room sorted out so i can do seeds etc in there,

30 Jan, 2010


Hi Tanny, have just been doing some browsing and came across this blog. I too am a Strepto maniac and grow a lot from cuttings. It is very addictive isnt it. This year I am going to try to sell some at our village country market. Lovely blog, and I know the feelings of having every windowsill full of streps. Luckily I am in an old cottage with very wide windowsills ! My newest acquisition is Orange Sherbert. Will put a photo on the site later.

2 May, 2010

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