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My name is Tate, 26. I live and garden in Quincy, MA USA (zone 6). My hubby and I have just bought our first home - a condo - so now I only have a large balcony and no small garden, as I used to before, when we were renting a home. I am passionate about cottage gardens and 'old fashioned' plants like Foxglove and Morning glories. I looove dahlias, alliums, veronicas, buddleias, heleniums (and other daisy-looking perennials) and many others. I am Variegated Foliage maniac. Gardening is my religion.

My 3 year old little family consists of me, my husband, Cody (4 yo b/w tuxie; we adopted him in August of 2009 from a local animal shelter) and 2yo b/w cat named Finch, who was adopted in New Year of 2011 from the same shelter as Cody.

I am a Graphic designer. Besides gardening I love paper crafts, macro photography, reading, sewing, restoring old wooden things/furniture and jewelery making. I adore quilting and cats.

PS: I have a butterfly phobia: I am afraid of them a lot... And it's not funny.

I am craving for garden-related conversations and gardening friends - I have none in my life. This site is a treasure.

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