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Capel Manor


By tatia


Has anyone ever visited Capel Manor Gardens? Absolutely stunning. I love Sunflower Street, with the practical, homey show gardens, perfect for inspiration and their Walled Garden is magnificent. Also, the holly maze is a lot of fun.

Can anyone tell me the proper name of this spectacular plant? I assume it’s a thistle or echinops of some sort? It’s enormous, about 6 feet or maybe more tall. I’ve seen it several places this year and I really want one.

My husband’s artsy shot of the Queen Elizabeth garden at Capel Manor. I love this garden, so elegant and peaceful. Apparently, Queen EI owned the land for many years during her reign. The garden was named for and opened by the Queen Mother E on occasion of her 100th birthday and finally, it was visited by QEII in 2010, so it is rightly named the Garden of Three Elizabeths. :-)

My husband took me to a real street of dreams near Capel Manor. It’s called Crews Hill in Enfiled and there’s just nursery after nursery after nursery. I was like a kid in a candy shop!

By far, the best deal EVER! I was just talking to my husband during the car journey about growing a lavender hedge along the new path but lamenting it was going to cost a fortune when lo and behold, what do I find at Crews Hill???!!! I got loads (obviously!). :-)

Just a snapshot of Julian, my garden tornado cocker spaniel. He’s just been fixed and though he hates THIS collar…

THIS one was even worse…

And also, just because it’s new and it’s mine and it’s retro and it’s sassy and it’s fun, my new Bobbin Birdie! Buttercup, Daisy, dunno, still thinking of a name. :-)

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Sunflower Street what i nice name...

looks a sweet place to be.

nice photos.

from jane!

17 Aug, 2013


Yes Tatia I have visited this place before and I intend to visit it again. I love it. The plant you want to name is called "wild artichoke".

17 Aug, 2013


A lavender hedge sounds wonderful ! I hope it's successful for you.
Your dog looks friendly. I bet he'll be glad to get that collar off.
I like your bike. I can't ride a bike. I always topple over :D ... No sense of balance at all ...
I hope you find a nice name for it.

17 Aug, 2013


What a pleasant (and expensive) day out, and how nice to come home with just what you'd been looking for. Now to get it all planted! Your bike is fantastic - might be retro in design but they never did paint jobs like that originally did they? I can just see you riding back from the nearest garden centre with the basket full of plants all dropping soil on the nice white paint...

17 Aug, 2013


Steragram, I am far too young to know what original paint colours they used, hahahaha!!! :-) But, funnily enough, I saw 3 good uses for my basket and they were 1) plants from the garden centre (spot on!), 2) a bottle of wine and a baguette and 3) a little fluffy dog, enjoying the wind in his ears.

Costas, thanks for the name of the plant. I just Googled and that is definitely it. I need to find a space big enough to grow one or 2 of these stately beauties without allowing them to take over. They certainly do make a statement.

Hywel, I'm not a great bike rider. My husband is a keen (and very serious) cyclist who often does a 'just a quick ride, Tash' of 70 or 80 miles just to keep his legs in order. I just enjoy poodling along. I love this bike because I can sit upright and that reduces pressure on my wrists and hands from leaning forward. It doesn't actually do much to reduce the saddle soreness, though, lol.

I like Bella! That's added to the names for consideration, lol.

And Jane, Sunflower Street is really cool as it's like a row of houses (just the fa├žade of front and back of house) with themed front and back gardens that you can wander through and use for inspiration.

I saw a beautiful pergola, just the right size for what I want in my own garden. I was having trouble explaining it to Tony (my husband) and when he saw it,, he said 'oh, okay, I get it now.' I've got two grape vines just itching to start growing up a pergola. :-)

18 Aug, 2013


When that bike style was what there was, the colour was usually black. Red or blue if you were lucky as far as I remember, but I wasn't allowed to have one..

18 Aug, 2013

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