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A bit of earth


By tatia


‘Might I, might I have a bit of earth?’ (from The Secret Garden)

Welcome to my gardening blog. I’m not a novice but am far from expert. I am of the philosophy that says in order to learn, you must just do. And then keep a journal and learn from your mistakes! :-)

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA. It’s a midwestern state and we get freezing, snowy winters but blistering summers. Spring and Autumn in Ohio are breathtaking. And I mean that literally if you’re an allergy sufferer, haha. Before I moved to England in January of 2004 (why didn’t anyone warn me what England was like in JANUARY?!), I loved to garden but stuck with herbs and vegetables.

When I moved here, my husband introduced me to the pleasures of gardening simply for beauty and I then went the opposite direction for several years and stuck with flowers and plants. My life’s mission is all about achieving balance and as you can see, it is something I still struggle with!

Two years ago, I finally combined the 2 by digging over the bottom of the garden for a veg patch. Fantastic. But once again, because my all-consuming passion was the veg, I sort of neglected the rest of the garden.

So here we are, April of 2010 and I am absolutely itching to be out there every minute I can, digging in the earth, planting, cultivating. It’s a sickness but one I’m sure you can understand! I have always loved a cottage garden and so began reading up a bit more about them. You know, what plants are traditional, how to achieve a certain look…all the usual. And then, right there in black and white, was the most beautiful idea! Can’t believe it’s really so simple as all that. Just squidge your veg in amongst the other plants. I mean, after all, a ripened tomato plant or runner bean vines in flower are every bit as ornamental as foxglove and roses, in their own way. And my mind went wild at the thought of all the exciting architectural stuff I could achieve in my existing beds with climbing vegetables.

For instance, one side of my patio arch has a well established clematis already making it’s way vigorously to the top. The other side looks bare as the potted climber over there is not doing very well in that spot. Call me mad but I’m going to relocate that little plant and train a cucumber up the arch instead.

And I saw a gorgeous idea on here the other day, a potted, inverted wigwam of beans, that I’m itching to try out though I think I’m going to use sugar snap peas. Plus I have the perfect spot for a pumpkin plant or 2 that I want to encourage to grow vertically so I’m looking for the best structures to support them. And finally (well, only finally for the moment because I have tons of plans and ideas knocking about), I started my sweetcorn in pots because I can’t wait to have a go at growing the ‘three sisters’ in the trad Native American way.

I’ve tried it before, back in the USA, with little luck. And yesterday I read an article in Grow it! magazine about companion planting and decided to try again. Essentially, you grow a circle of sweetcorn til it’s well established, then you plant climbing beans in a circle around the corn and train the vines up the cornstalks. And once the beans are established, you plant squash around the beans. The corn supports the beans, the beans provide nitrogen for the squash and the squash keeps the ground moist for the thirsy corn.

Oh yes, now I’m off to erect that rose arch and then jumps up and down with excitement heading off to the garden centre for climbing roses, jasmine and foxglove.

I hope I haven’t bored you! :-)

Lots of love and green growing vibes,


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Hi Tatia, welcome to GOY! I love your blog, thank you for sharing. Hope to seeing some pictures of your garden in due course! have a good day!

11 Apr, 2010


From little seeds, mighty blogs do grow :-)

11 Apr, 2010


Lol. Sotyred !

Hi Tatia...Good luck with your growing !
Enjoy your garden centre visit ! :o)

11 Apr, 2010


Hello and welcome from me to Tatia. Look forward to seeing your pics

11 Apr, 2010


Bored ? don't write too many that good or we will all become avid readers instead of avid gardeners. Welcome from me too. Love your three sisters idea. Look forward to seeing it all take shape.

11 Apr, 2010


Welcome, Tatia. I'm glad you found an idea on GOY already! :-))

Post some photos, won't you.

11 Apr, 2010


Welcome to other avid growers who all have lots to show and tell. I enjoyed your blog and love all your ideas. I too am looking forward to some pictures of your garden.

11 Apr, 2010


Excellent , interesting blog. I agree with Runner Beans grown in a pot with a 'wigwam' of canes. Enables access to each and every bean !
Welcome to GoY . : o )

11 Apr, 2010


welcome to G-O-Y .... tatia .. i often plant veg in with the flowers as i usually run out of space on my small veg patch !

11 Apr, 2010


Welcome to Goy Tatia. I`ve enjoyed reading your blog and will be very interested to see and hear more of your ideas,.........

11 Apr, 2010


Welcome Tatia.Enjoyed reading your blog too.I plant things in and among too,and it works well.I agree,lots of good ideas on here,very inspiring...:o))

11 Apr, 2010


Welcome to GoY. I enjoyed your blog. :o) Good luck with your garden.

12 Apr, 2010


Welcome to Goy, it's great to come across people who are even newer than I!
Like standing in a queue, I am never happy until there is someone behind me...
When you talk about balance, I must confess you have me wondering if you have Moon, Mercury or Sun in Libra...
Great blog, one has to read every word!

12 Apr, 2010


3 in 1 - Provide food, fill an empty space in a border and add height interest, brilliant idea.

12 Apr, 2010

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