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By taurman


I’m going to look like a proper gardener, exciting or what! Splashed out (money I don’t really have) on this beauty. Not sure what I’m going to do with it but will feel my way as I go, will start with growing seedlings as my garden is a bit bare and will be an exciting way of restocking it. One friend says my approach is good as will give me the freedom to develop my own interests rather than doing what my neighbours do. Any thought from you seasoned gardeners?

Dec 3rd 16

I thought for those of us confined to barracks either through laziness or necessity the following links might be interesting

Some might have seen Monty’s Compliation, if not they are a treat as have seen three and working my way through on cold evenings.

Recently The Irish Garden Magazine carried out first-ever survey done in Ireland linking gardening to Mindfulness, 89% of respondents say they have experienced Mindfulness in their garden!

The survey, defined Mindfulness as: “the non-judgement of oneself and moment-to-moment awareness of one’s thoughts and feelings.” Gardening was understood to mean the action and non-action of spending time in the garden.

A massive 1,567 of you responded,incorporating a wide mix of social status, age profile and gardening ability. Remarkably 99.6% said that gardening or spending time in their garden in their experience increased well-being in their life.

To find out more visit

It makes the wet and the cold feel worth all the effort, you might be aching but you can ache mindfully.

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Wow, that's a bit different from your last plans for that space! what a beauty - what will you be doing in your spare time?

Are you planning for a concrete base or some soil beds?

28 Oct, 2016


Morn Steragram, I have been reading about it, I like the suggestion for flexibility of paving slabs set on sand (no concrete) so can be taken up to alter the plan at a future time, so I would think a raised bed all around with two rows of slabs down the centre.

29 Oct, 2016


It's wonderful ! I wish I had room for that :)
Yes, develop your own interests. You'll be happier doing your own thing, than if you just copy your neighbours :)
I have always found that gardening is trial and error (in my case mostly error !) so just enjoy yourself :)

29 Oct, 2016

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