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My "garden" if that's what i can call it!!


Hi I’m Jacqui and moved last September to the house i’m in now, we had to gut the house ,took the bathroom back to a shell, decorate all through and also had to clear part of the garden as it was like a jungle and that was just so we could walk through it! so recently we have started on the garden to try and make it nice.
One side is very overgrown though i’ve been cutting things back and the other side is covered in carpets to kill off the bits of grass and weeds, it will probably stay covered in them for most of the year too as i’m still on with the 1st part ( the garden is split in 2 by a horrible thick concrete path).
Then there is the front garden . a total nightmare ! the fence has rotted ,the gate is non existent and the path needs redoing ,where do i start???? again this is split in 2 by a path , there are things coming up just now so will have to wait and see what they are before i do anything to it, i think one is a peony but in winter it is very bare so any advice would be most welcome and i need easy maintenance planting and it’s quite shady too.
FRONT GARDEN ..quite bare , plants beginning to peep through now

Broken fence was taken down today

Making progress on one side of the back garden

This is how it was when we moved in

One side of the front garden in Summer but very empty in winter i think there is a peony coming through but apart from that i want a redesign!!

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I see a little sedum pokeing thru in your first pic,wow what a mess and you have done so well to clear it,mine was the same and im still working on it two years later,welcome and good luck ;)

9 Apr, 2012


Welcome Jacqui and good luck in your new home and garden

So agree when gardening becomes a chore its not a pleasure any more.

9 Apr, 2012


Hi Jacqui I moved into my bungalow nearly three years ago and it needed gutting and the garden was a wilderness but gradually it it taking shape look at my before and after pics there are quite a few members who have them it will give you inspiration. Welcome to GOY:)

9 Apr, 2012


... and a big welcome from me too! But when it's all finished Jacqui, just think of the sense of achievement!

9 Apr, 2012


The bit of the back garden you have cleared is looking great. It will, of course, all take time, effort and money, but you are going to have a superb garden eventually.

That poured concrete of the paths at the front is going to be a nightmare for your plans to redesign, because the only way to get rid of it is with a pneumatic drill, as far as I know! So, there's a decision to be made, for sure.

I look forward to watching the progress of this garden. It is going be interesting! Do keep a record of what you do, if only to cheer you on when it feels endless.

9 Apr, 2012


A couple of plants for shade that will give you something took at in the winter. Variegated euonymus are evergreen and will grow anywhere. Sarcococca (Christmas Box) has narrow, evergreen leaves with tiny white flowers in very early spring - you will smell them from half way down the street.

9 Apr, 2012


Looks like you've made tons of progress already Jacqui! I agree with the others though. Try not to rush it or you will get too knackered and it will become more like hard work than a nice hobby. Shame we cannot all come down with a spade and fork and do some of the donkey work for you :)

9 Apr, 2012


You're making good progress :o)

10 Apr, 2012


Thanks Hywel, must admit sometimes i feel i am then others i think i must be slowing down as i work at it for hours but the next day i think " what did i do" ??

10 Apr, 2012


Many thanks to everyone that commented and for all the ideas & encouragement.
Andrewr i'm going to check that Sarcococca out asap
OH says i'm banned from buying though ( as if !!!!) but i've got pots of plants everywhere as i rescued a lot from under the rubbish etc ,others just had to be split so did them too but had nowhere clear to put them so everything seems to be in pots, OH says it looks like a nursery!.
Ojibway93 not only is the path is a major concern on the other side of the path is a concrete square where there used to be a greenhouse apparently, i really don't fancy all that drilling but am at a loss to what to do!!

10 Apr, 2012


hi and welcome to the what a challenge you are facing with this..but it is already looking great, well far too much of a novice to offer planting advice but keep us updated on how you are progressing..great blog

11 Apr, 2012


Dont despair you have made a really good start already, try to focus your attention on one area at a time, make a list of everything you have there already, and take cuttings of what you really like, dont be overwhelmed at the Grden centre [its so easy Im guilty] but go with plants in mind, gardens take time to evolve so take your time. there are lots of wonderful gardens on Goy so take time to look and dont rush,you are never finished with a garden they just elvove and believe me you will gets lots of inspiration and support on Goy Happy Gardening;0)

29 Apr, 2012


Thank you to everyone x

30 Apr, 2012


Oh dear I`m a bit late Jacqui. Welcome to Goy, I can see you have some hard work in front of you but what you have done at the back is looking good, a bit at a time is the way to go, not forgetting a space to relax and admire it as you go along, most of all enjoy your gardening...

5 May, 2012

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